Find the highest quality 4 post lifts at wholesale prices with Atlas Auto Equipment.

With 3 cars that are 68" tall, the 67" clearance of small 4 post lifts was not enough. Just to lift the car with a two post lift. Our 4-post lifts double as convenient professional use storage solutions. Using a 4-post car lift allows the car to be raised safely in the air at a particular height and remains motionless while the mechanic performs whatever necessary work on the car. There are different ranges and types of car lifts which include the normal car lifts, two post lifts, and four post lifts. Another big consideration for me was clearance under the lift tracks.

Auto Lift. The team behind The Classic LIft brand has spent years developing a line of products including the Classic 2 Post and 4 Post Car Lift Series that combine the best value of quality and price.

Our heavy-duty four post lifts serve any need, including car repair, maintenance, and storage. There is no doubt that the 4-post car lift is very convenient and easy to use, as long as you put the car into the lifting platform, and the 4-post capacity is stronger and safer than the 2 post. 3.Safety considerations. After all, BendPak is a premier supplier in that market so of course we’re not going to sling mud, but four-post lifts were made more for service and less for vehicle storage.

Four-post lifts are awesome. Set the lift arms at 4 corners then lift a few inches and check all the lift points again before going up. Four-post car lifts are engineered to meet the demands of any lifting job. Lift a car with BendPak. Premium Package of accessories, and a 5 year warranty are included. I bought a 4 post and love it. It is necessary to find the support point correctly when using the 2-post car lift, otherwise, the vehicle has the risk of falling . The four post car lift has a four support post which balances on each of the wheels. These home garage lifts park two vehicles in one parking space. weight capacity and a lock ladder structure. It also has a double lock safety system and a single point lock release, which makes it a worthwhile investment for your garage. It has an 8,000 lb. Vehicle Lift Comparisons. Gets old fast. See why a baseplate car lift can not be asymmetric. Advantage Lifts has a variety of 4-post car lifts to suit your needs.
its 8 trips to the floor! See why this 4 post lift is an industry leader for both the professional shop and the car enthusiast's garage. Compare the Atlas® 414 and a Certain Competitors' 14,000 LB. Explore Advantage 4-Car Post …