amsterdam metro and tram map . The metro network in Amsterdam has four lines and over one hundred trains. Lines 53 and 54 offer a southeast connection from downtown to the communities of Diemen and Duivendrecht. Rotterdam Metro Map Amsterdam Metro Hours. Amsterdam Metro map. The Amsterdam Metro connects not only the region of Amsterdam, but also some of … Public transport in Amsterdam is provided by buses and trams. Line 50 will get you to Amsterdam Zuid Station, Amsterdam RAI convention center & Amsterdam Arena. Services. Line 51: Central Station- Westwijk. 23/04/2020 31 Netherlands, EUROPE, WORLD, RAILWAYS, GENERAL, MAPS, URBAN Rail Systems, Metro, Trams. Amsterdam Subway and Tram Map Amsterdam Subway and Tram Map. It is an extremely well-used form of transportation by the people living within the city and its neighboring areas. The network connects distant zones with bordering ones and the system includes a total of 58 stations that are grouped together across five … It is really only good for popping between event centers as it does not go to … All of Amsterdam’s metro stations are gated by check-in and check-out ports, accessible only with a public transport chip card (OV-Chipkaart) or another valid travel card.If you are not in possession of a personal chip card, you can purchase a one-hour ticket or a rechargeable non-personalised public transport chip card at GVB service desks or vending machines … Amsterdam Metro Guide, Map and Tips. Parking Facilities Airport Services Transportation Car Rental. There are cards for Daily or occasional travel, children cards, senior citizen cards, bicycle cards etc. The metro offers an extensive network for travel around the greater Rotterdam area.

The metro operates from 6:00 in the morning to midnight.  Airlines; About Flights. → download map: Metro lines of Amsterdam / route network plan (1 MB)
Amsterdam Public Transportation Map. Line 53: Central Station - Gaasperplas. The Amsterdam Metro is the underground system and light rail that runs through the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

To download your Tram, Metro, & Bus Map of Amsterdam. Airport Transfers; Other. Line 52 connects the Amsterdam-Noord district with Amsterdam South station, including Amsterdam Central Station. Routes and tickets for Amsterdam's metro. Amsterdam Metro is particularly useful to get to the city’s outskirts. Line 50: Gein - Isolatorweg. Metro of Amsterdam Europe / Netherlands. Amsterdam has a very convenient public transportation system, that is great for visiting the city : Tramway; Metro; Bus; Here is the list of the main lines from the Centraal Station: Tram lines 1, 2, 5, 13, 17 : right in front of Amsterdam Station; Metro lignes 51, 53, …