Unique Boy Cat Names Based on History and Literature. 402 Persian Baby Boy Names With Meanings Persian literature is one of the most unique and a source of beautiful names for boys and girls.
A masterpiece of Persian literature, the Shahnameh or “Epic of Kings” alone is the origin for about 15% of the names. Baby Names Advanced Search - search by name meaning, name origin/ethnicity, number of syllables, gender, and more. Baby boy names; Baby girl names; If your last name is a mouthful or you just want to keep things simple, one of these short and sweet baby names could be just the thing you’re looking for. Let me help you. Our top names for boys are updated every month, so you know which boy names other parents are considering right now for their baby boys. Boy Cat Names | Male Kitten Names [google_ad:CatNamesMeow_CMS_468x60_inArticle2] List of Cat Names For Boy … Ladies, you don't need to drop your crazy cat lady swag when you pop out a baby. You have a new boy kitten, and he will probably entertain you for hours with his adorable new personality and tricks. A good way to name your kitten is to base his name on a favorite historic figure or character from literature. Home. Boy Names Starting With CAT: Find CAT Names For Boys at BabyNameWizard.com | Baby Name Wizard And if none of those are quite right for your feline, don't worry. Top Boy Names 2020.

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A foodie cat name like Sage, Sherbert, S'mores, or Sugar might also speak to you. This list of baby boy names starting with the letter A is The Bump's first list of cute baby boy names for you to choose from. Boy Kitten Names.
Pop-culture fans and movie buffs may go for a celebrity name like Selena, Serena, Sinatra, Stallone, or Sylvester. The first letter of the alphabet, the letter A in a name symbolizes ambition, courage, and natural leadership.

While there are plenty of classic boy names on the popularity list, the top boy names also include lots of vintage names, gender neutral names, and boy names from around the world. Boy kitten names like Horatio, Lincoln, or Franklin are great names for your male kitten. Another plus: Many of these are easy to spell, so your child may be ahead of the curve when it comes time to write his or her name! We found 50 cat names …