Renault Kangoo 1999 100000 miles Oil No spark Wiring Won't start Starting Coil Occasionally, the engine does not start and I need to wait for a couple of hours until I am able to drive my vehicle.

Clio Starting Problem. Renault kangoo not starting? I've been having a lot of trouble with my Renault Kangoo at the minute.

It can take up to ten attempts to start but once it does it runs fine. just seen your post I have a 03 Plate Trafic (55k) had the same Problem , got RAC out to sort , couldnt get the Diagnostics to hook up with his Lappy , so I got a towin , It turned out that 2 Sensors had gone down , 1 on the Crankshaft and 1 on the Camshaft (?)

Hello Mate . Performance Renault Kangoo car data: it takes 17.3 sec.

Any ideas thanks Derek Cars Renault trafic 2006 100dci doesn't run properly from cold.?

Cars why oh why wont my megane start? , basically they tell the ECU that the Engine is turning , so send Fuel to the Injectors etc Messages 2.

My Renault kangoo van will not start,the battery is o.k. Wiki User 2010-11-03 10:38:13. crank shaft sensor take off and clean it is on the bell housing.

Renault Megane Scenic wont start when hot?

I have replaced engine with like for like. Thread starter elliott2006; Start date Aug 12, 2011; E. elliott2006 New Member. Put original injectors and all other electrical parts on the vehicle.
i have a 53 plate Renault kangoo van that wont start. Reanualt Kangoo 1.5dci.

The car consumps 9.5 liters in the city, 6.3 liters on the road.

Renault Trafic wont start from cold? Cars renault megane?

Hi Have a problem with 1.4 W reg Renault Kangoo, wont start and there is no spark.
Warning lights come on as normal.

The start motor turns all the time but sometimes it shows no signs of firing.

In the last couple of months it's developed an intermittent starting problem. Went to it on Thursday and again no spark, and still no spark. k9k722 engine. Cars renault espace petrol 2.0 99? Related Questions.

147 km/h is the max speed. for Renault Kangoo (KC) 1.4 i to get 100 km/h speed.

Aug 12, 2011 #1. I have replaced the battery, glow plugs and alternator but still wont start not even using the jump leads, it will start from a tow and then runs fine and starts the rest of that day but next day it wont start.... john January 2010

TMTM Vans why does my van not start-renault kangoo 1.5 dci 70? It simply refuses to start. hi all.

Aug 12, 2011 #1. Asked in Renault Megane

I have replaced: - All 4 glow plugs - Crank Position Sensor - Fuel Filter - Drained ALL diesel and replaced with fresh diesel - Key has been coded by locksmith And it still won't start. Renault Kangoo gasoline tank has 50 liters capacity. I have a 1999 renault clio, i have had the same problem and i have had the battery replaced by the rac twice and the garage are saying that there are no drains or electrical faults in the car, but yet my battery still keeps discharging, when the car is jump started it will run fine for a day or 2 and then the battery will discharge again.

Vans engine stalling when moving off when stating from hot?

This happened last week towed it to garge on Sunday and it started no problem on Monday, and it ran perfectly all day.

Hi, I've got a 1997 1.2 Clio.