Informed Consumers. There are also a number of advantages and disadvantages of a monopolistic market structure which impacts both the buyer as well as the seller along with the whole market and economy related thereto. competition encourages efficiency. responsive to consumer wishes: Change in demand, leads extra supply. In the case of monopoly, a certain company will basically ride roughshod over smaller players in a particular field of industry. Following are some of the evils of monopoly. (i) Since, monopoly firm is a price maker, it charges high price to secure maximum monopoly revenue. From the firm’s viewpoint, the company actually faces several advantages and disadvantages under the monopolistic competition market structure. Perfect competition is a market structure where there are many sellers and buyers in the market selling a homogeneous product which results in the price of the product being discovered by the equilibrium between seller’s supply of product and consumers demand for the product. No market control or limited market power Non-price competiton In monoplistic competiton large firms have a cost advantages over small firms. December 20, 2015.

A monopolistic market structure is a concept of economics.

5.1.4 Advantages of Perfect Competition. If you need Economics Assignment Help, visit There are several potential disadvantages associated with monopolistic competition, including: Some differentiation does not create utility but generates unnecessary waste, such as overpacking. Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Perfect Competition are as follows. A decline in consumer surplus.

For example, in the 1980s, Microsoft had a monopoly on PC software and charged a high price for Microsoft Office. One advantage of a monopolistic trust are that prices can remain low. Disadvantages of monopolistic trusts is that it eliminates competition and can result in an unequal distribution of wealth. Advantages & Disadvantages of Monopolistic Compettition Competition. In perfect competiton firms operate at maximum efficiency. First and foremost, we would discuss on the disadvantages of firms under monopolistic competition market structure. On economic terms, perfect competition is generally regarded as more desirable than monopoly. You … 5.2.0 Monopolistic Competition. So let us check out some information on pros and cons of perfect competition to know more about it. Answer (1 of 6): The advantages of monopolistic competition tend to be advantages for corporations, rather than advantages for consumers. 7 Main Disadvantage of Monopolistic Competition are described below: Despite several advantages, monopoly has encountered bitter criticism both from the Government and from the general public. Disadvantages of monopolies Higher prices than in competitive markets – Monopolies face inelastic demand and so can increase prices – giving consumers no alternative. Monopolistic competition allows new businesses to venture into most industries without any systematic opposition or challenge. Disadvantages of Monopolistic competition are : In monopolistic competiton higher price is charged and control over price is limited. Advantages of Perfect Competition are : Perfect competition encourages efficiency. Consumers have no option, […] 5.0 Advantages of monopoly. Though monopolistic competition allows businesses to thrive in a competitive environment, it has both advantages and disadvantages.