It will calculate the spring rate for solid and hallow sway bars. This simple calculator will help do that for SOLID and HOLLOW sway bars. Individual wheel movement or body roll will force the bar to twist as the lever arms are moved, thereby adding the bar's own spring rate to that of the car's springs. The original formula is from Fred Puhn's book on handling called "How to make your car handle". Sway Bar Rate Calculator Trying to get a rough idea of the spring rate of your sway bar?

For a given spring, you would get more force, and for a given damper more velocity, which should result in a higher force as well.

Two operating conditions will be explained to show how the subsystems work to control

determines the movement of the spring-damper and the anti-roll bar as a result of the movement of the pullrod. "new" roll/sway bar concept golfpin (Automotive) ... (the true rate will depend from the rocker motion ratio) the relative movement of your damper and spring. Alternative ways of applying torque to suspension (fix for Kunos bug that caused inaccuracies with anti-effects geometry) suspensions.ini [_EXTENSION] TORQUE_MODE_EX=0 ; options: 0, 1, 2 --- 0 is default, 1 is broken, 2 recommended and a sway bar motion ratio of 0.8333 (this number squared is 0.6944), we calculate the sway bar … After the tyre pressures, which we handled in 5.2, another significant setting to tweak on the Skip Barber is the anti-roll bar (ARB) in the rear.First of all, you need to understand what an ARB is and what it does to the car. Example: if we have a sway bar wheel rate of 300 lb./in. Although an anti-roll bar's main function is to reduce body roll in cornering, it also influences overall handling. The red component in the illustration below is an anti-roll bar, which nearly every racing car has on its rear and/or front axles. You can fine-tune Over- …