Competition Spec High Strength Wishbone Set. ... the Nomad is built to compete. But now the competition goes right off road with the Nomad. Cold drawn seamless tubing gives these rally spec wishbones incredible strength for hard off road use. Most people don't need to remove the steering wheel in a Nomad to get in or out. The Ariel Nomad is manufactured in the United States exclusively by TMI AutoTech, Inc. with the same thought in design, the same attention to detail, and the same grin on your face as the Ariel Atom…..but with different scenery and a whole new meaning to having fun on four wheels. Choose to individualise your Nomad to make it YOUR Nomad and the tailor made aspect of Ariel unfolds.

Dampers, brakes and competition parts. Rear Strut Brace Only .
Lamps, carriers, nudge bars and winches.

Spring and Damper Protection Bag x4 . Where the going gets loose and slippery and where car control takes on a whole different meaning, the Nomad adds another dimension to motor sport. Different wheel and tyre configurations, from Mud Terrain to rally competition, from high speed road to sand or just go for All Terrain and take what comes. The Ariel Nomad.
Steering; Quick Release Steering Wheel.