Three months from … I stopped weight lifting during that time and just did some light cardio and stretching per my doctor's orders. But I did so awkwardly hurting my back and managing herniating a disc. Another benefit of the elliptical is that it burns calories. You know what reduced that pain? So you can take my advice as appropriate. I went to the doctor after a month of mild pain and tingling in my right leg, and I've been on a physical therapy regimen for about three weeks. Compound weight training i.e. Look at the after photo and you can see what the spinal canal should look like, then the before and you can see this is a big one. Member. Cervical discs can herniate due to a sudden stressor such as a neck injury or after slow deterioration of the spinal column. Can i go to the gym with bulging Disc. Disc bulges and injuries can go away without surgery. I bed. Certain bodybuilding exercises that put strain on the lower back can aggravate a herniated disc. Even really big disc injuries like the one pictured.
Last week while doing squats I let something distract me and almost fell but caught myself. If you do have stomach fat and a herniated disc, aim for at least 60 minutes of training to promote weight loss. Search for: Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total) Author.

I still have pain radiating down my leg but not as bad, my right foot is still numb and … Herniated disc when can I go back to the gym? I am not a doctor but I have suffered the same condition as you. You can go to the gym with care and there are some exercises that you should always avoid. Post count: 1 #11752. Regular cardio also helps to reduce the risk of chronic ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis, and can help alleviate muscle pain and tension. Try swimming, which cushions your joints and helps you avoid forceful impact to your spine. Out the gym for a week, I was seen by a doctor who prescribed a bunch of medications. Low-impact cardio for a herniated disc can strengthen your back muscles.
According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, having an excessive amount of weight, especially in the stomach, can cause excess strain on the lower back. Posts. I had a L4-L5, L5-S1 disc bulge and it used to cause me tremendous pain. Practicing poor posture, such as slumping over, or repeatedly performing twisting exercises also contributes to a cervical herniated disc. Herniated disc is the most commonly diagnosed chronic back problem. Below is a before and after MRI of a patient of mine, who had a huge injury. Walking is another good choice, along with cycling and low-impact aerobics classes. bluesky.