He promised me 2 years ago that he would pay for me to go back to college and I would work for his company.

He also talked me into voluntarily repossession my car and he would give me his Lexus and would purchase himself a new truck and the Lexus would be in my name. For example, the lowest is $1,500 in Kentucky and the highest is $25,000 in Tennessee.

Employment law may be on your side. My fiance/boyfriend has made me multiple promises that have left me in a horrible situation. It will help if you can document the promises that were made.

If employers make false or deceptive statements, they may be liable for negligent misrepresentation. LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE PROMISE To win a breach of a contract lawsuit, you must first have a legally enforceable promise. “That is the best safeguard against false promises, and generally the boss’s reaction will tell the employee everything about the boss’s integrity,” he said in an email. Employer exposed another party to this false information; Employer was negligent or purposely in allowing the leak of this false information; The false information harmed an employee; Whistle blowing retaliation by employers acts as a subset of public policy violations with an important distinction. Almost everyone has broken a promise from time to time. The types of promises that are NOT generally enforceable include: 1. Where Else Can You Look for Support? I pass my probation period and the employer let me fill out paperwork. ... You may have a claim for fraud if your employer knowingly makes false promises of high salaries or guaranteed bonuses to persuade you to quit your former job and come to work for him, but later refuses to pay. Very few broken promises result in lawsuits. Fraud or Misrepresentation in the Workplace. By Alison Green @askamanager. In California, the maximum you can sue for in a small claims court is $7,500.

Months later, my employer changed my title without asking me and made me work in a role I recently received this question from a reader. An interviewer must take reasonable care to avoid making misleading statements to job seekers. For example, your employer can’t discriminate against you based on a protected class, such as age, religion, or disability, and your employer can’t retaliate against you for complaining about discrimination or unsafe work conditions. For example, employees could find extra guidance by looking at: Actual actions and previous conduct. The California Supreme Court in recent years has been considered pro-employer, reining in the rights of workers to sue companies. Otherwise you have the right to sue for wrongful dismissal. So when I was hired, I was promise health insurance, medical, dental, and vision. But, you also can’t sue for as much in a small claims court as you can in a superior court. The maximum limit varies from state to state. An implied verbal contract was clearly created (if I am to believe what you say), however do you have any proof? However, terminating an employee based on a false accusation isn’t an exception to at-will employment.

Only you can control your reaction to your boss and his/her unfulfilled promises. When Your Employer Breaks Its Promises to You If you're promised a raise and promotion that never materialize, what's an employee to do? In addition to looking at promises or the employment contract itself, there are a number of other sources you can examine to determine whether the dangling of the carrot raise is enforceable. Print/Download. Q: I was hired for a specific job with a specific job title.

In theory, yes you could sue them, verbal contracts are recognised in California. Getty Images. Can I sue an employer if they promise benefits but then never gave it to me after my probation period? You may have a claim for fraud if your employer knowingly makes false promises of high salaries or guaranteed bonuses to persuade you to quit your former job and come to work for him, but later refuses to pay.

Recruiting Employees By Making False Promises Can Cost You By Mark Wiletsky You desperately want to hire a competitor’s top sales person, so to lure her away, you promise that she can expand the scope of her sales while continuing to serve her existing customers nationwide.