Difficulty 1: 2: Difficulty 1.5: 7: Difficulty 2: 23: Difficulty 2.5: 41: Difficulty 3: 49: Difficulty 3.5: 40: Difficulty 4: 22: Difficulty 4.5: 33: Difficulty 5: 8: Difficulty 1 (2) Two Bourrées, KK VIIb/1–2 1. One of the first Chopin pieces I teach my students is his Waltz in A minor, since it’s very well-known, it’s very approachable, and has some fancy show-off parts too.. Chopin Pieces – The 5 Most Famous Works.

Chopin was a natural born talent, and his extraordinary skills have been a huge surprise to everyone. G major (1') Two Bourrées, KK VIIb/1–2 2.

Chopin is a well know piano composer, and his work is beloved all across the globe. Chopin’s Waltzes. See also the original overview of these pieces. by Diana Martin. Works by difficulty Frédéric Chopin. Some of the best ones, like his op. Beyond that, his waltzes really aren’t easy. He composed more than 200 songs. Frederic Chopin was born in Poland, but he changed to French citizenship since he lived there until 1849.