In actual practice, a … Construction of AC Generator: An AC Generator essentially consists of two main parts: Stator and Rotor. Principle of A.C. Generator is a device which is used to convert the mechanical energy in to electrical energy is called electric generator. The main parts of an alternator, obviously, consists of a stator and a rotor. Construction of AC generator of salient pole type rotor is shown in the figure above. An AC generator is an electric generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in form of alternative emf or alternating current. Slots are made on the interior part of a... Armature Windings … BASIC AC ELECTRICAL GENERATORS - 4 - Generator Types Various types of alternating current generators are utilized today; however, they all perform the same basic function. this article explains the construction and function of an Electric generator and its losses. Hz equals one cycle per second. Stator is the stationary part of machine whereas rotor is rotating part. Alternated currents and voltages encountered in the world of industrial electric power are for all practical purposes of What is the Working Principle of AC Generator AC Generator Construction of an ac generator : It consists of a rectangular coil of insulated copper wire. It works on the principle of Faradays’s law of electromagnetic induction. Electric Generator Construction and Losses. A prime mover is coupled to this … Working. AC generator works on the principle of ”Electromagnetic Induction”. These poles are also laminated to Construction. This magnet is known as the field magnet. This coil is placed in a magnetic field between the poles of a strong permanent horseshoe magnet. It consists of three main parts: Stator Frame – It is an outer frame that is used to hold stator core as well as armature windings. This type of rotor consists of large number of projected poles (called salient poles), bolted on a magnetic wheel. What is an AC Generator? In small generator, yoke are made of cast iron but for large construction of DC generator, where weight of the machine is concerned, lighter cast steel or rolled steel is preferable for constructing yoke of dc generator. Generator It is based on the principle of electro magnetic induction . A.C. Construction of AC synchronous generator (alternator) Salient pole type alternator. Whenever a conductor cuts the lines... Types. The principle of AC Generator: It is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction–when the coil is rotated with a constant angular velocity W in a uniform magnetic field B, then the magnetic flux … ALTERNATED CIRCUITS (AC) 7 Fig.