A demonstrative (albeit extreme) example of such theoryconfirmation bias is evident in the research on testing the equilibrium prediction in ultimatum bargaining. 15. Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives in Sentences: Give me that blue water bottle. The words are identical, but demonstrative adjectives qualify nouns, whereas demonstrative pronouns stand alone. 8) Could you help me move these? demonstrative Sentence Examples. 6) This is crazy! I want those gorgeous marbles. From Cambridge English Corpus Averroes, at the same time, condemns the attempts of those who tried to give demonstrative science … 34. From Cambridge English Corpus V2-relatives include a demonstrative pronoun that is formally indistinguishable from a relative pronoun. Examples of demonstrative pronouns used in a sentence: 1) This is very yummy! The Italian right was so far not heavily attacked, and demonstrative attacks by the Austrians in the Val Sugana were readily repulsed. 37.

The Posterior Analytics, on demonstrative syllogism, or science; 5. Demonstrative pronouns can be used in place of a noun, so long as the noun being replaced can be understood from the pronoun’s context. 28. demonstrative knowledge in the Analytics. 3) I am not sure that is how you do it. Do not confuse demonstrative adjectives with demonstrative pronouns. 18. This time I won’t fail you. 7) Those belong to Sarah. 5) Could you hand me that? Although this concept might seem a bit confusing at first, the following examples of … 24. 4) These are the most comfortable. 2) I would like those, please.