(car engine revving) - Volkswagen recently vowed to be more environmentally conscious, even going so far to announce that the corporation will not involve themselves in any gasoline combustion powered motor sports. ‎Show Past Gas by Donut Media, Ep VW Beetle Pt. VW just killed Formula 1. Description: Melanie Moore, who runs her independent book business out of her teal 1962 Volkswagen Transporter, has donated more than $1,000 worth of new books to families in need during COVID-19. They detail Ferdinand Porsche’s attempt to get production of “the peoples car” off the ground . Past Gas is the Donut Media Podcast where we dive deep into the most intriguing stories in automotive history. Tanner Foust knows how to cook up a proper donut – at least of the automotive kind. 2 - Sidelined by WAR - Feb 10, 2020 ‎Join James, Nolan, and Joe for part two of our series on the VW Beetle. NEWSROOM: Let Tanner Foust teach some proper donut-making technique on National Donut Day. How Volkswagen owners are supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. From motorsports like Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, and more, to stories of the titans of the industry like Carroll Shelby, Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari, Bruce McLaren & Evel Knievel, to the brands and cars we all love like Ferrari, Volkswagen, Nissan, GM's PT Cruiser and Ford'