Management theorists and practitioners may chose one or two of the five functions as most important, but this is not borne out normatively. 6 Measuring and evaluating port performance and productivity No. University of Michigan, Flint ECN 314 - Money, Banking and Financial Markets. It is more limited in scope as compared to microeconomics.

3 Economics of Ship Design 31 Influence 0/ cost, construction and sa/ety /actors.

ECN 360 - International Economics. Mgt 551 Business Economics.

logistics system needs to be put in place to solve these socio-economic problems. New chapters have been included on the economics of container­ ization, computerization, roll on/roll off (Ro/Ro) vessels and their features, and counter-trade. Its scope does not extend to macro-eco­nomic theory and the economics of public policy which will also be of interest to the manager. Multinational companies. Transportation & Logistics 2030 7 and air freight traffic moves through the Hong Kong - Shenzhen freight cluster, so a disabling attack here would have a huge impact.

The International Journal of Production Economics focuses on topics treating the interface between engineering and management. Major trading areas o/the world. Addis Ababa University Faculty of Business and Economics Department of Accounting & Finance: MSC-Program Value Added Tax (VAT) Withholding Practices and Challenges Acknowledgment 8 Economic approach to equipment selection and replacement No. Know­ ledge as comprehensive as that acquired through Mr Branch's book must provide a sound base on which to build the experience of practice. Pre/erential trading groups. Different approaches and systems of management…

Managerial economics refers to those aspects of economic theory and application which are directly relevant to the practice of manage­ment and the decision making process within the enterprise. International exchange rates. management, perhaps the most prominent is the transformational-transactional theory of leadership. Between now and 2025, the shipping industry expects to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in delivering further Contents Foreword v Pre/ace xi Acknowledgements xiii Diagrams xiv 1 Services Rendered by Sea Transport to International Trade 1 Function 0/ shipping and its relationship to international trade. We update our curriculum regularly, so it reflects modern financial practices.

Our candidates can bring what they’ve learned through the CFA Program to real-world scenarios. THE IMPACTS OF GLOBALISATION ON INTERNATIONAL MARITIME TRANSPORT ACTIVITY: PAST TRENDS AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES “It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.” Kofi Annan 1.

Maintenance of the shipping industry’s economic sustainability is also important given its vital role in transporting around 90% of world trade, upon which the functioning of the world economy, and its further development, depends.

7 Steps to effective shed management No. Chokepoints, geographic features where there’s only one narrow way across

Introduction 1. Chapter 1 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Project Finance 1 Chapter 2 The Market for Project Finance: Applications and Sectors 19 Chapter 3 Project Characteristics, Risk Analysis, and Risk Management 31 Chapter 4 The Role of Advisors in a Project Finance Deal 63 Chapter 5 Valuing the Project and Project Cash Flow Analysis 101