Discover more about towing capacity, payload and other calculations you will need to make to get the most from your truck. Our Tow Car Chooser does the hard work for you. We are quite keen on the Antatra as it has the electronic handbrake and is a bit more economical than our present vehicle, but auto has a maximum towing weight of 1700kgs and our caravan has an MTPLM of 1800kgs. I'd say the same holds true with towing capacity. Search by your caravan’s maximum weight (MTPLM), the car’s 85% match figure or maximum towing limit to create an shortlist of suitable vehicles. The truck can handle the weight and the motor will move it. 1900kg+ Maximum Towing Weight: 3500kg . Exceeding the towing capacity of a vehicle could leave the driver open to prosecution under the following:- Regulation 100 C&U regs 1986 Road traffic act … You'll be the slow truck in the right lane on hills, but it will get the job done. If you needed to get 4,000 lbs across town for a one-time gig, I'd say do it. Whether towing or hauling cargo, you need to know the capacity your vehicle can handle. 3. My W22 has a tow weight limit of 5000 lbs. 3. Exceeding the rated towing capacity may damage the frame, suspension and will increase the risk of an accident. Exceeding it can not only damage your vehicle, but it also puts your life and the lives of others in jeopardy. Additionally, some restrictions may apply to the design of the hitch itself – for instance, Sierra 1500 pickup truck models towing trailers with tongue weights greater than 700-800 pounds should move from a weight-carrying hitch to a weight-distributing hitch. 50TDI Quattro S Line . A towing capacity rating is based on the maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) (the weight of the fully loaded vehicle or trailer, including cargo and passengers) the vehicle is designed to carry. Legally you cannot be stopped for exceeding the maximum towing weight of a vehicle as long as you do not exceed the maximum train weight. However- towing capacity calculation is an odd thing, and any one factor can cause the manufacturer to limit it: it might be chassis strength, vehicle weight, a weak gearbox, inadequate engine power, or extra wear and tear leading to an unacceptable number of warranty claims.

As you'll be grossly exceeding the rated towing capacity of the Excursion. Do not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity because doing so can affect your vehicle’s stopping ability, handling, or possibly even damage the drivetrain. Consult your owner’s manual or dealership for more detailed information.