Making the game more challenging than Fallout 3, throughout all 30 levels of your character, was one of Obsidian's goals when designing New Vegas. The number of skill points gained each level is based on the formula 10 + (0.5 * IN) per level, including level 1, where IN is the Courier 's Intelligence. ". ... As soneone who played high intelligence in F:NV, having neither is actually necessary to max out all skills at level 50, granted you collect most skill books before maxing out it’s respective skill.
If you talk to him as a low intelligence character, both of your conversations are incredibly eloquent and distinguished, because you understand each other on such a fundamental level. The chance minimizes at 1% at Intelligence 11 or higher.

Lay traps, lure enemies or wildlife to attack each other; Animal friend can be a very interesting perk sometimes. The goal is to reach the clinic and the int implant right away so you get the maximal number of skill points. Fallout: New Vegas. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... there is no need to have high carisma or intelligence in this game, most important/useful stats are luck, strength and agility, dependng on your … ... Only Usanagi at the New Vegas Medical Clinic sells actual implants. Strength Perception Edurance Charisma Intelligence Agility Luck. S6 • E10 107 Fallout: New Vegas Facts YOU Should KNOW!! Fallout: New Vegas character build guide By Daniel Acaba 03 November 2010 Making your hero in Fallout: New Vegas can be daunting, here's our guide on … When the perk activates, you will see a laughing Vault-Boy above the compass, and hear a laughing sound. Intense training is so useful in new vegas, in fallout 3 it wasn't. In Fallout 3, while maxing out everything was fairly difficult, it was not uncommon to (by level 30, with the right build) have almost all skills at 100. Fallout 1 and 2 are the only ones that are consistent with low intelligence dialogue. A high Perception is important for a sharpshooter. Fallout: New Vegas.

107 Facts YOU Should KNOW About VIDEO GAMES!!! Fallout 2 had the best use of this, where you meet another character early on with mental impairments. The chance minimizes at 1% at Intelligence 11 or higher. Copypasta from wiki: In Fallout: New Vegas, creating a character with Intelligence of 3 or less can grant 'special' intelligence checks. Forums: Index > Fallout: New Vegas general discussion > The power of the Low Intelligence Courier There are differences between between a 3 and 2/1 build, some responses are even "dumber" and 2/1 points intelligence courier have some special options, but the result is … I go to move onto my next quest, and I find Mr. House's obituary and start reading. Figured that just one point in it would have had the effect, but not sure if something else messed it up. int<=3, str>=7 You've got a thick skull and limited problem solving capability. 6 of my perk slots went to intense training because i didn't find a majority of the perks useful. Scout passages that are not watched by highwaymen.
New Vegas Medical Clinic Tops Casino Crimson Caravan Company The Fort Lucky 38 Atomic Wrangler Tops ==Perks== all should have icons and requirements now. At 1 Intelligence, the chance of activation is 11%, and you lose 1% per added point of Intelligence. You can increase your Intelligence by one point by getting the Intelligence Implant perk from the New Vegas Medical Clinic. There are also no Charisma checks that I've seen, though I have seen strength, perception, intelligence and luck come up in speech challenges.

Your first priority in Fallout: New Vegas should be to get the Intelligence Implant from the New Vegas Medical Clinic to ensure you’re gaining as many skill points per level as possible… hence the "New Vegas Medical Clinic Run" section.