Forest of Thorns. Possibly the most powerful card in Maleficent's Fate deck, as King Stefan can potentially discard two Curses when played, taking out a Forest of Thorns on his own, and moving Maleficent into a Green Fire. If no Green Fire is on the board, Maleficent can at least be moved to make her next turn be at a suboptimal location. Green Fire.

King Stefan is a Hero in Maleficent's Fate deck. Forest of Thorns is the cheapest Curse, and thus the easiest to get on the board, but it's also the easiest to get rid of, with four Heroes in Maleficent's Fate deck with enough Strength to discard it on play.

The downside is if your opponent can play a strong enough hero to this location then the curse is discarded.

I had Forest of Thorns up on three locations and Green fire on the fourth. When a player comes in contact with Thorns, they will take 4 points of damage per tick like Cacti.If they attempt to mine Thorns, they will turn into Green Thorns and grow towards the player, making it harder to traverse the biome..

Now she is a power 2 and Forest of Thorns prevents any heroes played less than power 4 and Green Fire prevent all heroes from being played there. Forest of Thorns * Copies: 3 | Cost: 2.

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The downside is if your opponent can play a strong enough hero to this location then the curse is discarded.

Villain deck 3 Copies: Cackling Goon • Dragon Form • Forest of Thorns • Green Fire • Savage Goon • Sinister Goon • Vanish 2 Copies: Dreamless Sleep • Malice • Tyranny 1 Copy: Raven • Spinning Wheel • Staff.

Playing Forest of Thorns in a location that already has a hero of force 4. by MarieBD88 Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:37 am 2: Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:29 pm by gael42. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao Signed bookplate and author letter Exclusive Edition of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo Exclusive Maleficent Candle (Meraki Candles) Exclusive Hidden Darkness Pocket Mirror (Little Inkling Designs) Exclusive Death Eater Enamel Pin (House of Wonder) Exclusive Villain Coaster (Evie Seo) Exclusive Raise Hell Print (Evie […] My wife tried to stop me with Fauna, which says discard the curse from the location she is played. Your Tags: Add tags Popular Tags: John Smith . Countering Maleficent is relatively straightforward - there are several 4- or 5-Strength Heroes in her Fate deck that can discard Forest of Thorns, Fauna can discard Dreamless Sleep, and King Stefan (arguably the best card in the Fate deck) can shunt Maleficent into a Green Fire, discarding it.