Your profile is the little person icon at the top of Maps, to the right of the search bar This includes promoting businesses through Google Maps links.

All of my saved/starred locations disappear on Google maps after a year or so and as an avid traveler this is a huge, huge problem for being able to make recommendation to other travelers or plan trips. Then you may have to hit save again and it will bring up another screen. 3. Some stars stay there always. The star will be there at a certain magnification level, but then disappear at others. The closure of March basically left Google Maps’ iOS users complaining about ‘starred/saved places missing’ from maps on their units. First you need to drop a pin on the locaton. Do not post any personal information or addresses, not even your own. 1.

I'd like to share a tip with you on how to access your starred locations in the new Google Maps mobile app: To access your starred locations, go to your profile --> Saved places --> View all. Then press save and choose my starred places. Google Earth Blog.

All your starred items are saved in a list you can revisit inside the Maps application. Then just click on the starred places, this will toggle it on or off. Official Google Maps Blog. Problem on iOS .

Google Maps is not just helpful for navigation purposes, but for plenty of other reasons as well, including saving places. 1. NO SPAM!

Google Maps not only allows you to get directions between locations but also save locations you frequent as well.

RULES. However, if a technical glitch makes all your saved places disappear, it can be quite frustrating.

Some iOS users experienced that frustration earlier this month when they said their starred and saved places were missing from Google Maps.

When you use Google Maps with a Google account, you can "star" a location by clicking the star icon next to it, … How to Get Rid of Starred Places on Google Maps. 4. 2. Majority of them confirmed that ‘saved (or pinned) places gone’ issue creeped in after installing Google Maps app version 5.14.3. I really rely on stars to mark places I want to go, but it does no good if they disappear.

Stratocam Google Maps snapshots (Let us know if you have more!) GeoGuessr game "Earth View" extension for Chrome.

Google Maps. 2.