The camera pans across a breathtaking scene. it's not just because you're "too sensitive."

Men are as human as women are, which means that they experience emotion too. If you've ever asked yourself, "Why do I cry so much?" Why don’t men cry as much as women? The music swells. 15 Men Confess What Made Them Cry In A Relationship From an early age, men are taught to be strong, brave and insensitive. We’re watching a movie.

The characters’ emotions seem to come right through the screen. Here's what experts have to say about the psychology of crying so easily. But the biggest mystery is why humans cry at all.

This Is What It Means...When Guys Cry You can tell a lot about a dude — from his relationship MO to his sex skills — by his tear-shedding style. It’s happened to all of us. IT TURNS out there’s a physical reason men cry less than women - it’s not just psychological.