Here are 17 Inspiring Quotes About the Marine Corps "You cannot exaggerate about the Marines..." By Bill Murphy Jr., @BillMurphyJr. Nov 10, 2014 - Explore christyn812's board "Happy bday marines" on Pinterest. John Rollwagon of Boca Raton, Florida, memorably wished the Marines a happy birthday last year on this date, posting on the Marine Corps Times website at … On November 10th, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Marines were officially established in the U.S. by the historical Second Continental Congress. Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Sgt. Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps. It gives us a look at the Corps’ past, present and future. Every year on November 10th, the United States Marine Corp (USMC) celebrates their ‘birthday’, or the day on which they were originally established as a service branch of infantry troops in the U.S. military. It has more than 180,000 active duty personnel as well as almost 40,000 personnel in the Marine Corps Reserve. US Marine Corps Today The United States Marine Corps is the US Armed Forces' combined-arms task force on land, at sea, and in the air. Troy E. Black, present the 2019 Marine Corps birthday message celebrating 244 … History of the USMC. Every year on Nov. 10, Marine Corps veterans receive emails, calls and Facebook messages wishing them a happy birthday. Maj. See more ideas about Marines, Usmc, Happy bday marines. The Birthday Ball is a celebration of Marine Corps’ history and traditions.