In order to craft the mold, you must knock out a guard and take his key. İs an item in The Escapists. Doors automatically close behind you. A Key Mold can only be obtained by crafting one. Sweed. Santa's sweatshop - DLC. Therefore it can only be used 10 times. From left to right, the first guard will have the Cell Key, the 2nd guard will have the Utility Key, followed by the Entrance Key, then the Staff Key and then the 5th guard will have the Work Key. The Escapists - Escape Guides share on: Facebook Twitter Google + This is an in-progress, compilation of video guides on how I escaped each prison in The Escapists (Xbox One). It can be used to create a Key Mold. You are unable to use the plastic key to create a new key mold. Plastic work keys are contraband and will be confiscated.

You beat up all the guards and tie them up with rope or tape. After crafting the key mold, you MUST put the guard's key back. How do you Stage a Riot?

It has a similar look to Molten Plastic, only that it has a shade of peach color to it. Key molds are a crafted item which allows you to make a plastic copy of normal colored Keys carried by specific Guards determined by the character naming screen whenever you start a new prison. I need help on how to make the utility key mold < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . To make a Fake Keycard, make this first. O btaining Edit. You could hardly distinguish your work with a duplicate key made by a locksmith. A key mold is used to make a copy of a key by pouring a liquid that will harden, like silicone, into a form in the shape of the key to be copied.

Each prison has a door which can be opened with a white key. The key has 5 uses, meaning youcan unlock 5 doors with it. Note [edit | edit source]. The key mold is an item in The Escapists.

Instead, they are simply a tutorial on how I personally completed each prison. Key Mold. On the Console and Mobile it loses 25% durability after each use.

Now use the key mold with the molten plastic.

I Built a 600 Meter Human Cannon That Ends All Existence - Satisfactory - Duration: 21:59. First, make some putty out of toothpaste and talcum powder (both can be bought or found in desks). ... Posted by 2 years ago. How to mold a key before the medic picks up the guard? -* To make a key mold, you will need a putty (talcum powder + toothpaste). To do so, combine the key with the putty to make the mold, then the key mold with plastic mold to make a new plastic key. They are used to open doors that lead to a work station or to work supplies. Its only use is as a component to make a Plastic Key, and is made by combining a Wad of Putty with a normal Key. Doors automatically close behind you. The Key Mold is an item that is used to create a Plastic Key. The Key is obviously contraband too, and will alert the guards if you go through a metal detector. F. Combine the Key Mold and the Molten Plastic. (Twice on mobile) You do not want to keep a real key on you, so after it's done, be sure to return it to the guard.-* To make a molten plastic, you will need a lighter and something plastic, like a … r/theescapists: The Escapist's Video Game Subreddit. The Escapists. Just like with a normal Key Mold, you need to put the keycard back into the Guard's inventory after the mold is made, to avoid a lockdown. Moving forward, with the right tools and a lot of patience, here are a few tips and tricks to create keys on your own without using a key duplicating machine. The Key Mold is an item in The Escapists. ... Key mold = key + putty Key copy = key mold + molten plastic Timber brace = timber + timber Makeshift handle = file + timber First, make some putty out of toothpaste and talcum powder (both can be bought or found in desks). All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... How do you make the Key Molds?

These may not be the easiest methods of completing each prison.