56 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Ugly Cry. I’m not ashamed to cry (I’ve passed puberty). But as easy as it would be to blame this all on my inner Mark Wahlberg, I just don’t think this is the case. Movies Podcasts Reviews Forums Lists Box Office Quizzes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts However, a lot of people believe that crying during movies is nothing but a sign of weakness. Discover the best sad, romantic movies that make you cry EVERY time you watch them. Today's Posts The Shoutbox Register Log In. I get close to crying… WARNING: Spoilers and major tears ahead. Please tell me what you think! Read the Cowboys Don't Cry movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on Movies.com. People. women). Crying’s for the weak (i.e. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about crying, it's part of what makes us human. Watch a sad movie. Be a man.”. Top Actors Add New Person. Stories like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, or The Notebook, have caused many to grab the tissue box at least once. Remember the Titans, via. Am I a bad person because I don't cry, because people tell me that. This is the one. Press J to jump to the feed. The only things that I've almost cried over were Lilo and Stitch (Lilo was about to be taken away by social services), a book called Aimee (read and you'll know why) and certain scenes from vampire diaries. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Movies don't make me cry, not even in private. General Movie Discussion. Featured. If You Don’t Cry at the Movies, There Is Something Wrong With You The Underdog (happy place cry):. It's not like I didn't care about what happened in the movie, I just don't cry easily.

During sad movies I get emotional but I don't cry. Movies. Video 11 Unrealistic Moments In Korean Dramas That Make Us Say Aigoo! Maybe its because I'm not mature enough yet or haven't gone through that experience and can't relate to it. When you do start crying during a movie, let your thoughts turn to your situation, so you can process your feelings about your own life. Edit Information. Animated Lessons (hard cry). …

It can be very cathartic to watch a movie with a plot so sad it makes you cry. Well, guess what, that thought couldn’t be more wrong! Be a man. Top Movies Most Popular Movies Newest Upcoming Reviews Recommendations. Real Men Don't Cry At Movies!

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May 28, 2014. Even if the actors are in a situation completely different from yours, watching them go through sad times and cry themselves might help turn on your tears. Community. Grab the tissues before you turn on any of these 19 emotional movies. If anything, the true weakness is feeling ashamed to let a movie provoke you in such profound ways. Movie Forums . I think the last time I cried in a movie theater must have when I saw Free Willy when I was about seven.

Do not watch any of these films without an entire box of tissues handy. Calendar NEW; I Love You, Don't Cry (2008) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. Save?