This page contains an introduction to the AI Battle Simulator Mode Guide of Injustice 2. In our guide, we'll teach you about characters, controls, special moves, combos, gear, XP and stats and much more. Although the mobile version of Injustice 2 has many obvious similarities with its predecessor, Injustice: Gods Among Us, there are many new things, improvements and changes. Power up and build the ultimate version of your favorite DC legends in Injustice 2. Click here to go to our Injustice 2 wiki page for more character guides, gear database, and tips and tricks!. Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #3: Vary Your Attacks.

Our Injustice 2 Mobile cheats and tips will provide a complete strategy guide to become a top player, progress through the game faster and enjoying everything it has to offer.

AI Battle Simulator Mode Strategy Guide If you are new to these kinds of fighting games, trying to remember all the different attacks and special skills can be tricky, but if you want to become the best fighter you can be, you need to learn how to use all the different attacks. Injustice 2 has a ton of content.

These characters can share and receive bonuses from their passive abilities with their teammates, benefiting your team and weakening your opponents. In this guide we’re going to cover how to create team synergy by grouping together specific sets of characters from your roster.