He was always so close to finding out Clark’s secret but never could quite put his finger on it. Template:Use mdy dates Lex Luthor is a fictional character from the television series Smallville. I don’t want to give too many spoilers away.
He became crippled after a fight with Clark Kent and was eventually killed by the Green Arrow. Lex Luthor as he appears in Smallville fan-fics.

There could've been more to Lex Luthor's story originating from the Smallville team, but according to the actor who portrayed him on the show, the WB passed on the idea.
Rather than harnessing his genius for good, Luthor seizes power for his own benefit and is a threat at large. Origin. He has been envisioned as Superman's dual opposite; morally depraved and relying on intellect over strength. Press J to jump to the feed. The eighth season introduces Davis Bloome (Smallville ' s version of Doomsday), and Tess Mercer replaces the departing Lex Luthor. Your place to discuss anything and everything about our favorite town of weird!

He was a series regular from the pilot episode until the season seven finale, and has been played continuously by Michael Rosenbaum, with various actors portraying Lex as a child throughout the series. Lex's personality is usually manipulative and certain he's in the right, though in some fics, he manages to maintain his status as Clark's friend and becomes an ally to the Justice League. Lex Luthor used to be the best friend of Clark Kent and was bullied at a young age by Oliver Queen.

Nevertheless, he envied Clark's happy family life, as he had a dysfunctional relationship with his abusive father, Lionel. Michael Rosenbaum is arguably best known for playing Superman's most notorious villain on the series for 154 episodes. Their relationship crumbled, and Lex was set on the road to evil. Officially he learns in the season finale of season 7. As he got older, his need to control everything led him to alienate his friends and become a villain. Lex Luthor (Smallville).In the TV show Smallville, young Lex Luthor (played by Michael Rosenbaum) became best friends with Clark after the farm boy saved his life during a car accident. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... Log in sign up. His cousin Kara arrives, and Lex Luthor discovers Clark's secret. Lex Luthor is the son of Lionel and Letitia Luthor, wealthy residents of Metropolis. Lex Luthor’s relatively open-ended departure from Smallville meant that Michael Rosenbaum could return for the series finale and return he did. DISCUSSION. Justin Hartley becomes a series regular as Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) after being a …

Lex Luthor has been Superman's archenemy for most of the superhero's existence. User account menu • Lex Luthor. r/Smallville: Welcome to /r/Smallville!