In an experiment studying the clearance via the blood of radiolabeled sulfuric acid aerosol in different species, the authors have observed that sulfur from sulfuric acid was rapidly cleared (from 2 to 9 minutes) from the lungs of animals into the blood following inhalation exposure. Investigating the rate of reaction between magnesium and sulphuric acid Background Magnesium reacts with sulphuric acid to produce hydrogen gas and a salt Mg (s) + H 2SO 4 (aq) ˜ MgSO 4 (aq) +H 2 (g) A gas is produced, so the reaction rate can be followed by measuring the change in mass of the reaction system or the gas could be collected. Sulfuric Acid = H2SO4 (a compound) Hydrogen = H (but is usually a gas shown as: H2 (g)) Mg + H2SO4 ---> MgSO4 + H2. In many cases, this will be strong enough for your activities, but if you need concentrated sulfuric acid, you just need to remove the water. Battery acid, which may be purchased at an automotive supply store, is approximately 35% sulfuric acid. It's like the Mg went to the Prom alone, and the H and the SO4 were a couple. This is a single replacement reaction. Magnesium = Mg #12. The resulting acid will not be as pure as reagent-grade sulfuric acid.