This is a 9-credit course series designed to provide you with informatics knowledge and to prepare you to support, promote, and assist in the implementation and efficient, ethical, and safe use of informatics tools in information- and technology-rich health care environments.

Post Master's Certificate, Nursing Informatics Perks This certificate program can be completed online in 12 months. Eligibility for certification include: Hold a bachelor's degree or higher; Have practiced as a registered nurse full time for two years (or part time equivalent) Have completed 30 hours of continuing education in nursing informatics within three years before certification Learn key concepts of NI including design, maintenance and support. The Health Care Informatics Certificate is designed for health care and nurse professionals interested in pursuing careers associated with health care informatics and electronic medical data management. Renewal: Must be renewed every 5 years Exam Format: Computer based test consists of 175 questions Eligibility: .

Nursing informatics is a specialty career within nursing that combines nursing science with analytical sciences to help identify, define, manage, and communicate health information and data. Read More. Doctor of Nursing Practice ; although a Doctor of Nursing Practice is not required for this position, it can help if an informatics nurse wishes to teach specialized informatics programs through a university setting, as well as continue the possibility for job growth in the field of nursing. Informatics is a great option for working RNs with an MSN degree who are interested in harnessing data to optimize overall patient outcomes.

All candidates without a degree, or whose degree was not awarded in the past five years will need to document at least 45 hours of continuing education in healthcare information technology, digital health, or informatics, specifically covering content found on the CPHIMS Detailed Content Outline. WE ARE A GREEN ORGANIZATION!

ANIA is pleased to endorse the Nursing Informatics Certification Review Focused CE Series, developed by comprehensive online learning experience provides an extensive review in preparation for the informatics nurse certification exam.

The Nursing Informatics Certificate Program is designed for experienced RNs with a master’s in nursing in another area of nursing specialty who want to develop the knowledge and skills needed to practice as a Nursing Informatics Specialist in healthcare settings. Also, discover how quality improvement is vital to patient and staff satisfaction from experts in the NI field. Become Proficient in Information Technology for Health Care with a Certificate in Nursing Informatics.