Played and approved by Oculus gamers. Oculus Link setup is actually a non-setup, since it is incredibly easy to be done.You have just to: Turn on your Quest and your PC. If you'd like to use Oculus Link to connect your Quest to a PC, please start by reviewing the compatibility requirements. Share. Oculus Link Cable Recommendations. We recommend looking for a high-quality You may also like. A Useful Tool Checks If Your PC Is Ready For Oculus Rift. Cable Requirements Oculus Link requires a high-quality USB cable. Be sure that on PC the Oculus app is running;; Connect your Quest to your PC using a suitable cable, that must end with a USB C on the Quest side and a USB C or USB A on the PC side, depending on the port you think plugging it in; Oculus Link To play Rift content on Oculus Quest, install our VR software on a compatible gaming PC, then connect your headset using the Oculus Link cable or similar high-quality USB 3 cable. At last, your Oculus Quest is ready to double as a PC VR headset. Habe ein i7 7500u und eine geforce 940mx. The content guidelines provide Oculus policies for the type of content and marketing materials allowed in the Oculus Store. Content Guidelines. I'm using the latest red v2 driver and the latest beta for the oculus software. The following sections describe the various requirements and link to more details. ... A Useful Tool Checks If Your PC Is Ready For Oculus Rift. 24.10.2019, 15:07. Oculus Quest をPCにUSB接続してOculus Riftとして使用できる「Oculus Link」のやり方や、必要なUSB3.0ケーブル等について紹介します。 PC グラフィックボードとUSB3.0ポートが必要です。 対応しているグラフィックボードは Oculus Link is a piece of software that Oculus integrated into its platform , which enables you to use a Quest as a PC-based VR system. Ich weiß ist sehr kacke will auch iwie was besseres, aber wenn oculus link funktioniert ist alles gut ...komplette Frage anzeigen. PC VR is finally simple Oculus Rift S recommended PC requirements: How to tell if your computer can run it Make sure you've got what you need before the time comes to buy. Note: These specs are for the Oculus Link beta; Oculus says they will change before the full release. RAM: Damit die Oculus Rift einwandfrei funktioniert, müssen in Ihrem PC mindestens 8 GByte verbaut sein. If you have a VR-ready PC that also meets the minimum requirements for Skyrim VR and want to go the direct cable route, make sure that the PC … Oculus Link Setup. Oculus Link works surprisingly well, but it’s not a perfect solution and I’m not sure I would recommend trading in your Rift S just yet. 1 Antwort Sortiert nach: Ycewalker. It’s an exciting day for Oculus Quest as the headset can finally be cabled to a PC to play Oculus Rift videogames, all thanks to Oculus Link. I have tried Oculus Link with the Macbook 16 i9 5500 8 GB and 16 GB RAM. Requirements and Buying Find out where you can buy your Oculus Link. While we'll be releasing our Oculus Link cable later this year, for the beta period, if you want to try out Oculus Link we'd recommend looking for a high quality USB C to C or USB A to C cable with proven performance. PC Requirements We're using this beta period to continue to test and optimize the Oculus Link experience for PCs that meet the current recommended specifications for Oculus Rift and Rift S. The following table lists the current PC Ich möchte Oculus Link ausprobieren, hab aber 0 bock auf lags. Getting Started with Your Oculus Link Setting Up Your Oculus Quest + Link Learn how to set up and use your Oculus Link for the first time.