I thought you might be interested in pineapple guava jelly recipe. Don’t move the jars until the jelly is cold and set. Here was what my recipe turned into. 4 C guava pulp. 5. Skim off any scum as it appears. Berry Guava Jam Recipe I made pineapple guava jam again today, but this time added frozen organic raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries while it was cooking. I added 12 oz. Usually I eat, but when crop is … I inherited it from original homeowner who planted trees in the 1950’s. My gingerroot is just barely old enough to harvest, so I went sparingly on that. 1 apple, quartered. Organic Mixed Berry Blend, and 10 oz. Stir the juice and sugar over a gentle heat until the sugar has dissolved, then bring to a rapid boil and boil hard until the jelly reaches setting point. Pour the jelly into the sterilised jars and cover tightly. I have owned since 1987 and have enjoyed them since then (along with the squirrels, raccoons and rats). Organic Red Raspberries to the original recipe. 1 orange, grated peel, pulp and juice only 4. Lou’s Pineapple Guava Spice Jam. I wanted to keep the bright yellow pineapple color of the guava, so I used whole spices instead of ground.