After working on it for a couple of minutes, and cleaning all the baking soda and plastic residue off, my stove looked brand new!
Weupe Razor Blade Scraper: Glass Top Stove Cleaner and Scraper & Adhesive Remover, Paint Scraper, Wallpaper Remover - 4-inch ... Sold by iShopDirect. It is a white stove but the glass top is a grayish background with black speckles and the burners … The scraper was sharp but gentle enough that it didn’t scratch our glass stove top. All spills should be removed immediately before they cool. Then make a baking soda and water paste and apply all over the stove top and let it sit 10 minutes. used olive oil instead of WD-40 and had success. There is more than one way to do it, and the technique you choose may depend upon what type of plastic is melted. Gets tough on spills without damaging the ceramic glass Each scraper comes with five spare blades ; Your Hillmark Cooktop Scraper is the first step in a ceramic glass care routine. Spray the remaining plastic with WD-40 and let it set for a few minutes. Removing melted plastic from a ceramic stovetop is a bit difficult and can be frustrating.

Follow this by using a plastic scraper to remove the burnt food, carefully scraping to ensure that you do not scratch the surface of the glass stovetop. Use caution not to scratch the glass surface of the stove. I was able to peel off some of the white, melted, gooey plastic top layer, however much of it has fused / burned black to the cook top. What a mess. Unfollow glass top stove scraper to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Once most of the burnt food has been removed from the glass stovetop, you may find that remnants or staining can remain.

Start by using a plastic scraper and work over your glass stove top and remove any debris. On Thanksgiving a spice jar fell out of the cabinent next to the stove and hit the glass top so that it caused a zig zag crack from front to back across the 2 left burners.

Hold a safety scraper fitted with a razor blade as a 45-degree angle against the surface of the glass stove top.
It was able to help us get all that nastiness off (and thankfully, it has not gotten that bad since because we have been A LOT better at cleaning it regularly!) Step 4 – Clean. 2 results for glass top stove scraper Save glass top stove scraper to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. $33.33 $26.88. Using the wrong type of cookware, putting too much weight on the surface or using harsh cleaning products can cause the stovetop to crack, get scratched or stain. Make sure that it is plastic and will not scratch the glass. The melted plastic is from añ electric coffee cup warmer... it was a small white plastic burner that was sitting on the stove when I turned the stove burner on. Let me walk you through how I clean a glass top stove top. Now there are two choices of what you can do: Use a razor blade or plastic scraper like a spatula to carefully scrape the plastic off. One site user (Thanks Mira!) However, you must remove the material before you can safely use the stove again. A flat-top stove gives you a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, but it also requires proper care to last without damage or staining. Now if you use this method, which worked beautifully for me, make sure to start out delicately to make sure your sponge/scraper isn’t scratching your stove.