Illinois It's about 300 miles from Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO, if you only travel one alignment of Route 66. Map of Missouri Route 66: 317 Miles . Thrill rides, a water park, entertaining family shows and arcade games add up to big fun at Six Flags St. Louis. As Route 66 doesn't appear on modern maps anymore, one needs a good description before heading out on the old 2-lane highway. Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis . R oute 66, and its 2,500 miles, is known affectionately as “The Mother Road.” It’s the quintessential cross-country road trip experience. The quintessential American road trip. There we visited the Buckingham Fountain before heading out along the Route 66 path. Illinois has seen Route 66 come and go.

Today, a continuous Historic Route 66 route is signed and driven by many. About 300 miles (484 kilometers) Major cities along Route 66. To find the map for the shortest distance from Chicago to St. Louis via route 66, please enter the source and destination and then select the shortest option in the MODE dropdown. To estimate the travel cost, find the Trip Cost from Chicago to St. Louis via route 66! The original Route 66 went through a town called Times Beach, about 17 miles southwest of St. Louis. We began the Route 66 road trip in Davenport, Iowa and drove to the starting point of Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. After St. Louis, Route 66 runs into the Deep South, where oil wells, cowboys, and the conservative "Bible Belt” await. Historic Route 66! Length of Route 66 in Illinois. Features. Route 66 in Illinois. Characterized by rolling terrain and medium-distance days (40–60 miles per day). Eure legendäre Route 66 – Tour beginnt in der amerikanischen glitzer Metropole Chicago, wo moderne Architektur und rießige Wolkenkratzer schon auf euch warten!

From flashy neon to roadside kitsch, we’ll show you all the spots not to miss along the iconic Mother Road. Devil's Elbow steel bridge was laid down in 1923 over the Big Piney River. Tag 3: Chicago – St. Louis Strecke: ca. Add 200 miles or so if you travel all the alignments in the "Land of Lincoln". Current mileage: 289 mi.

Route 66 across Missouri features a variety of large cities and small towns, connected by roadways over rolling hills and valleys. Route 66: Chicago to St. Louis. Ultimate Guide to Route 66. Map showing approximate Route 66 location from Chicago to St. Louis, Missouri. The structure, which can still be crossed by car, appears as a mist-clad ghost early in the morning against the Ozarks isolated forest area. Route 66 starts (or ends) in Chicago at the intersection of Jefferson and Jackson Boulevard.

Route 66 crosses the state with a Northeast - Southwest course, from Chicago to East Saint Louis, linking Lake Michigan with the Mississippi River. The entire town had to be bulldozed in the 1980s due to dioxin contamination and Route 66 was diverted, but today the Route 66 State Park sits on the same land. Modern I-44 West leads you to the state-of-the-art in family fun. Chicago is the easternmost point of Route 66. Route 66: Chicago to St. Louis - Van ‹ › Description; Details; Itinerary; Testimonials; Sign Up Now; Trip Dates: Aug 29, 2020 – Sep 05, 2020 Cost: $1,449.00 Location: Chicago, IL Physical Difficulty: Intermediate × Physical Difficulty - Intermediate. From 1926 to 1977, Route 66 led travelers from Chicago to St. Louis, before being replaced by Interstate 55. In 2005, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources convened a committee of public and private groups with a new vision of exploring the sights, cities, towns, and rural areas of Route 66 at a slower pace. Länge der Route 66 in Missouri: 315 Meilen (507 km) In Missouri können Routies jetzt ihr Pfadfindergeschick überprüfen.