SUPPORT THE COMPANIES THAT SUPPORT US . COMMUNITY REAL-TIME EXPLORER BEST HOT CURATED PLAYLISTS CLASSIFIEDS INTERVIEWS ACADEMY SlipAngle powered by TrackTuned James Houghton Races GLTC at COTA March 6, 2020. Community Real-Time Explorer Best Podcasts Hot Podcasts Curated Podcasts Classified Ads Podcaster Interviews Podcast Academy About Listen Notes | Login. Brian Gillespie owns Hasport, a very valuable resource for putting awesome engines and drivetrains … Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Podcast With Brian Gillespie of Hasport. The slip angle concept is easily grasped when considering a tire during cornering. Subscribe for on-demand access to 40 million songs and offline listening.

Slip Angle podcast Tech July 15, 2019. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. By derekyarbrough857, January 19, 2016 in General Talk. K series tech on the SlipAngle podcast. David spends an hour discussing all things K series with Adam Jabaay on this SlipAngle podcast. Recommended Posts. S… By Peter Nelson. Our Podcast, The Corded Tire is a place where we discuss various automotive topics as well as nerd into the details from filming episodes of The Slip Angle. Slip angle podcast with yours truly. July 30, 2019. Yet, like tire pressure, are often ignored by the amateur racer.

If you're a Miata guy, you probably have lots of K series questions. Latest Posts. This episode is a must-listen for Honda tuners. We also film modifications, car builds, product reviews, event coverage and just about anything else surrounding the automotive world. 00:38:56 - Episode 304 - More than a year ago, we had famous driver and YouTube celebrity Jackie Ding on the show to talk about his supercharged Honda S2000.

Chassis And Suspension Tuning: How To Maximize Grip And Reduce Lap Times By Dave Pratte.

Playlists Stations Artists Albums Songs Genres Top Charts Your Podcasts. Understanding how slip angles work is imperative and will allow you to drive your car at its maximum potential. Co founders Brent and Kelley are featured on the tracktuned slipangle podcast!Check it out to hear about the beginnings of Autosport Labs, our mission and our vision of the future! Featured on TrackTuned Slip Angle Podcast! Apr 06, 2016 David Calzada. Slip angles are another key component in going fast. MEDIA PARTNERS . We have answers! Free radio for everything you do. PARTS SHOP .