If the continuation board selects them, officers may remain on active duty for an initial 3-year period.

S. 3084: A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to modify the limitation on pay for certain high-level employees and officers of the Department of Veterans Affairs. all the marine corps maradmins listed here by year ... fy22 u.s. marine corps officer promotion selection boards. ... fiscal year 20 active reserve enlisted continuation board results. reference d is the marine corps separations and retirements manual. r 122155z feb 19 maradmin 097/19 msgid/genadmin/cmc washington dc mra ra// subj/fy19 active reserve enlisted continuation board announcement// ref/a/msgid:doc/dodi 1332.29/ymd:20170303// 2020-05-28 S. 3414: Major Medical Facility Authorization Act of 2020 2020-05-28; H.R. reference c is the reserve career retention and development manual.

If there is an associated promotion selection board, continuation results will post to BOL shortly after promotion selections are released by ALNAV message. Prior to expiration of the initial 3-year period, the Air Force considers officers for further continuation until they are eligible to retire, unless a board selects them for promotion during the initial continuation period. reference b is the active reserve support to the united states marine corps reserve.

reference e is the fy 19 active reserve continuation board announcement.//

Whether continuation boards are held, however, remains to be seen as they are directly dependent on the Marine Corps' needs which change year-by-year. About James K. Sanborn Recommended for you 3/5/2020.

Lieutenants: in an active status (USNR-R or USNR-S1) who twice fail of selection to LCDR and have completed the eight-year Military Service Obligation (MSO) will be transferred to the Retired Reserve, if qualified, or be honorably discharged from the Navy Reserve not later than the first day of the seventh month after approval of the Board report which considered the officer for the second time.

The fiscal year 2019 (FY-19) Senior Enlisted Continuation Board (SECB) will convene Dec. 3, according to NAVADMIN 159/18 Continuation Selection Board results will be available to officers individually via their own BUPERS Online (BOL) account access.