Often, this complaint is nothing more than a personality conflict or a teacher who is more strict or demanding than your child would like. It may be to draw the principal’s attention to an unfair school policy or to one particular incident. Report teacher misconduct Complain to the school, school governors or your local council about teacher misconduct before you make a formal complaint. Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem. If you have a complaint or a concern about a teacher in your child's school, it is appropriate in most cases to firstly try and resolve the issue by talking with the teacher and/or the Principal. Most of the time schools are willing and able to manage concerns about bullying but sometimes children and their parents and carers feel that the school are not listening and that they need to take further action. If your child is being bullied by classmates, often the first thought that enters parent's mind is how to go about logging a complaint with the school. Here is a sample of a letter to a teacher about bullying. But reporting school bullying can come with unforeseen complications, and even whether or not you should report it is often a question parents struggle with. If you're worried about your child at school or you have a complaint about the school, your child's class teacher (or tutor) is the best person to approach first for an informal discussion. Bullied by a teacher. All schools are required to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for their students (National Administration Guideline 5 – NAG 5).

Every school is obliged to have a very specific policy on dealing with bullying and you should also ask to view a … Ask more about what’s going on, and why it might be happening. If a child is being bullied in school, his or her parents should write a letter to the teacher that explains the situation and asks for a solution. However, ask questions and look for subtle clues that may indicate a more severe situation. If the teacher and principal do not take any action, the parent should address the school board with their complaints. Talk With the Teacher in a Nonadversarial Manner If parents suspect a problem, they should meet with the teacher without "screaming or threatening attorneys," Twemlow says. During math yesterday, the math teacher asked Genevieve in front of the entire class if she was the child who had Chicken Pox because she has all those red bumps all over her face. Webster-Stratton C.The Incredible Years: Parents, Teachers, and Childrens Training Series: Program Content, Methods, Research and Dissemination 1980-2011. You can imagine the hurt that Genevieve felt from this, how humiliating and also how incredibly cruel. School bullying is a sensitive issue, and conversations on this topic with parents can often be stressful for teachers and principals. Document All Bullying Incidents. When I ask him if we can go over the daily lessons he is confused about the subject matter. Many parents tend to respond to teachers’ complaints by being argumentative or blaming the problem on the teacher’s professional skills or attitude. It is common for school staff to feel attacked by parents who complain that their child is being bullied. If your child knows you have had a meeting with their teacher, they will likely ask you what was said, but that doesn't mean you should tell them everything. Talk to someone, such as your child’s teacher or principal. If bullying is affecting your child or your child is involved, don’t wait. It’s normal for your child to complain about their teachers, so don’t panic if your child comes home with a complaint.