... Chino's voice still has that vulnerability but there's a sense of mellow optimism that makes this one of my favorite Deftones songs of all time. Posted by. 2 years ago. S/T: This is where the band gets really lazy and REALLY repeats old ideas, uses certain sounds too much, and/or doesn't even finish writing the song (Hexagram, Deathblow, Battle-Axe, and Moana) Worst song: Battle-Axe.

Worst Hypothetical Deftones Setlist I saw a post like this on the Nine Inch Nails sub and I was curious what people would post here.
7. Close. u/GayGarfield.
Deftones Songs: Worst to Best. WP: Again we get some recycled riffs or sounds (Elite and Street Carp) Worst song: Elite. So recently, I went through Deftones' discography, and so I wanted to rank all their tracks from Worst to Best to Worst. What is the worst Deftones song? Hardly a “worst” album despite its ranking on this list, Adrenaline was and is a worthy debut for the Deftones, introducing the world to one of heavy music’s unique voices. The scenario is that you bought tickets for Deftones and they come out playing the worst possible setlist they could play. Archived. Author: Im_NotHere.