Round 2: Extreme magic is not allowed, but information from Gravity Falls journal 3 is allowed.

Rounds 1 & 2 will be set in the Onward world, while Round 3 will be set in Gravity Falls. In the script, Rowntree is kidnapped by a group of anti-war students and saved by Mick and his gang, though not before Mick crucifies Rowntree with a large nail through his palm. However the wooden plank breaks, and Carl ends up breaking his arm. Unfortunately this resulted in Petunia having to take him to Forks General Hospital to have his broken arm set in a cast. BRIAN VINER: Onward contains plenty of what makes the Pixar factory such a prized asset of the all-conquering Disney empire. Carl Fredricksen is the protagonist in Up. See also. Round 3: Information from Gravity Falls Journals 1 and 2 are allowed, but extreme magic and information from Journal 3 isn't allowed. He also appeared in Dug's Special Mission as a supporting character and in George and A.J. Head of Story for Onward is Kelsey Mann (I’ll let him explain exactly what that job entails), who worked as Story Supervisor (alongside Onward director Dan Scanlon) on Monsters University.He also has a story credit on 2015’s The Good Dinosaur. After all, Barley's twenty-first started out with you decorating Guinevere the Second with fairy lights and filling it with a dozen pepperoni pizzas from Pizza Realm and then making peanut butter milkshakes in the kitchen before watching a marathon of Barley's favorite movies, which all involved a single clue that Barley had to decipher in order to solve the riddle on the quest that you had prepared for him the very … Summary: Please read the info! Round 1: ALL Magic and Gravity Falls journals are not allowed on this round. One Small (Big) Change to Pixar’s “Onward.” ... Plus, with Magic being a known fact in the past, the idea of Barley being obsessed with Magic and Wizards is seen as weird, but not super strange. Barley and Ian spot their dad dancing to the music from Barley's van and both admit he's terrible at it. The film is beautifully crafted and huge fun. Wallace is a military major who has lost his arm, Johnny is a clergyman, and Rowntree is the Minister of War. Years later, Carl marries Ellie and they begin rebuilding the old house, … Chapter Text. /Film sat down with Mann in Chicago during recently to discuss that moment in any Pixar production process where the story team literally starts with a blank page, the joy … ♥ A/N: so this was done a little sooner than the nsfw one… but I really wanted to post them at the same time… and hopefully this being a bit longer than my normal drabbles makes up for my laziness. I worked with our director, Dan Scanlon, and our producer, Kori Rae —we did Monsters University together in these same roles. This will be about Ian and Barley from the movie Onward! Please give me ideas to write about! There you were, stretched out on his bed, breasts barely contained by your bodice; your skirts arranged in a way that insinuated false modesty. Funny story to lighten the mood: I was first typing this on the afternoon when I intended to get my Non-Driver's License, and then from there go to my math class.