The Barrettine Premier Universal is a popular choice, and available in a 1 litre tin. A clear product will give limited UV protection and if the product you have used does not have any UV protection this could be the reason that the wood has faded fairly quickly. Would you recommend a particular product that is good value for such a large area? If you check out these products and feel free to get back to me if you have any questions. Most products can not be applied if the temperature drops below 10 degrees during the curing process and if the wood is wet then definitely wait for a drier period. If you’re looking for a Cuprinol wood preservative that will work with the Cuprinol Garden Shades us Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear which is suitable for both interior and exterior wood. But not sure which is best. And they can come in clear or coloured finishes, a popular choice is the Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative. Whether your chalet is located in the mountains or by the sea, the facades (cladding), shutters, terraces, handrails and other exterior wooden surfaces of which it is composed, will be subjected to bad weather, sometimes extreme, such as rain, wind, sun, hail or frost) and repeatedly over time. Of course, you can always apply a second coat for an extra intense colour. Sanding the wood some, will help to reduce the amount of product absorbed but can be a difficult job with fencing and not something that I would necessarily recommend. Regards. And I will be happy to narrow down some options for you to consider. David. It will help to slow down the silvering process and make the wood moisture repellent. Always try a test area first. Find the right products to enhance your garden wood and furniture at Cuprinol. thanks The north face is ok but the south has taken a beating from the sun and cold winters and will need sanding completely and re-protecting Any other options you would suggest? And of course always try a test area first. I’m after a black finish. If you have a varnished or painted finish currently on there and do not wish to remove it then a you will need to consider a similar product to go over the top after carrying out some preparation. We are renovating a stone cottage and we have recently installed a new roof. Thank you, Nicola. Whether for the treatment, protection, maintenance, renovation or decorative colouring of your exterior woods, Anova Bois' Bois exteriors products will meet your requirements. Hi Samantha And a good all rounder is the Barrettine Universal Preserver it is a clear product, although will darken the wood slightly. Every company I have spoke to say I have to use a Cuprinol brand to match the Finnish coat but it says on your website that Cuprinol 5 star wood preservative is for interior use only? Our range of products is designed to be environmentally friendly, with respect for the applicator and the wood, hence our slogan "respect of wood". The Country Colour will give an opaque paint like finish but still with a natural feel to it. Although these are indeed the most common garden features that need maintenance after a winter of wind, rain and freezing temperatures, wooden window frames, doors and porches should also be checked and given attention if required. You could look at an Oil or Varnish for protection, oil will give a natural finish and varnish is a harder wearing surface sealer that is longer lasting. Taiga Exterior Wood pressure treats lumber and timbers to above ground, ground contact and in-ground structural use categories using the most effective and environmentally conscious preservatives that we can find – and trust. Followed by an exterior oil to help make the wood moisture repellent. Both ranges will require a two coat or even three coat system to give the best level of protection to your wood and so if you would like to email me with which option you prefer and I will be happy to give further advice on application and number coats, in which order will best suit your needs. If you would like to email me with more details about the area to be finished and I would be happy to advice you further. A good option for an exposed area is some of the products from the Sikkens Range. The location is pretty damp as it is under trees so a treatment that is effective is important. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Made from natural ingredients and offering all year round UV protection. This has a range of colours and you can apply 2-3 coats for a semi gloss, natural looking finish. Thanks, Bernie. This means that we’re always able to give expert advice and guidance on which products and brands are best suited to your project. Thanks, John. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry, a popular choice for projects such as your is the Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment this is a clear oil that will soak into the surface of the wood, as you have smooth Tong and Groove it is likely to use slightly less than the coverage guidelines. The instructions say to give it a waterproof treatment. Thanks. The products you will find in this category are for classic and exotic wood species. Part of the Crown Paints family, Sadolin provides the best wood protection, care and treatment products for interior, exterior and garden wood. For further advice or to order your can call our friendly team on 01303 213 838 or use our contact us It has UV stabalisers to slow down the silvering, however it will not stop it. Although this is generally fine if applying wood oils, it will cause adhesion issues with water-based paints such as Cuprinol Garden Shades. I’m building a fence from planed untreated softwood. What can you suggest? Feel free to email me with an further information or questions at, I have apple tree slices from the trunk of my old tree .. I’m turning one into an outside stool what would be the best way to preserve this please. My daughter has had an extension and now has large timber posts supporting a canopy over the front door. I hope the above helps but if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Yes absolutely! Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Should I return the culprinol and just use Osmo’s UV? We have just put up contemporary horizontal slat fences from Grange which are described as pressure treated ‘Green Timber’. For more help and advice please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team via the contact us page. It’s a 10’x8′ apex shed in Tanalised wood. The first thing to do is give the wood a good clean and perhaps a light sand. Tested and proven in extreme conditions, they have withstood all types of climatic and domestic aggressions, enabling them to claim a high quality of protection. I was thinking about stripping the paint (which is flaking) and giving the post some sort of protection before they start on the porch. Once this has dried you can apply two coats of oil and here are two possible choices for you to consider Barrettine Decking Oil or the Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment both are oils that will penetrate the surface of the wood and repel moisture. Exterior varnishes or coatings are better suited to smooth timber rather than rough sawn timber. They have been designed to meet three criteria: protection performance, ease of application and maintenance, and respect for the environment. These two products will give exceptional durability and enhance the natural beauty and depth of the grain. And what preservative to use. Hi Samantha This product is more suited to joinery but could be used on smooth wood fence panels, or the Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus which also has a Mahogany in its range. You could have a look at an exterior treatment, such as Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment. A lot of products specify rough sawn timber, which mine is not. Regular maintenance by a saturator will preserve the noble and natural appearance of exotic wood and avoid heavy and tedious renovations. Garden furniture saturator SJ600 - Tables,... Siding Saturator SB600 - Douglas, Larch,... For the protection, maintenance or decorative colouring of your exterior woods, Anova Bois products will meet your requirements. It will then need topping up regularly, around every six months to maintain its durability. If the wood is freshly cut and has not dried out yet you may need to allow it to weather for a while as treatments are not recommended for woods that have a high moisture content. Can you let me know which of the Barrettine products you purchased and used on your summer house and I can tell you if it will be suitable for your bench also. Search; Your … Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Do iI have to continue using more Creocote or can I now use any oil based protection, stain? I am installing a front porch using Meranti (new) hardwood frame and (used) mahogany doors. Would you recommend a penetrate to rub over these areas before painting? Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. This is a clear oil with a minute amount of pigment to counteract the darkening you would normally get with a clear. Prior to oiling, we would recommend treating the wood with a wood preservative such as Barrettine Premier Universal Preserver first. What product would you recommend. If you are looking for a clear protective finish for your posts then I would recommend sanding back to bare wood and looking at the Sadolin Extra Durable Clearcoat as a good option. If the wood has dried out then the first recommendation would be a preservative to help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. I have a month-old tantalised T&G shed, 10’x6′, that is currently untreated apart from the original tantalising. If you purchased the Cuprinol from us just call our service team about returning on 01303 213 838 option 2. And then for the top of the table, Dulux offer a good quality Yacht Varnish >>> Dulux Trade Clear Gloss Yacht Varnish for exterior use. It will also slow down the silvering process caused by UV damage. To maintain a good level of protection you can simply top up the oil annually or bi annually depending on when you feel the wood needs it. Item has been added to your cart. Please advise on best preservative undercoat and then Mahogany mat finish ,or suitable one coat /both sides application , Regards Many thanks I would expect this to be annually for an exposed South facing area. End grain Sealing Wax which will help to reduce swelling of the wood over time. Any areas that are rotten or decaying may need to be removed or replaced to avoid this spreading further and any rot can be treated with the Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener and Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler. It is a uniform mid brown colour and I would like to stain it with a colour eg blue or grey. This will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. You could have a look at a Decking Oil such as the Barrettine Decking Oil although marketed for decking it is a very versatile product that can be used for a wide range of projects including your raised bed. Hi, we have recently installed 30m of new 2m high featheredge fencing around our garden and are obviously keen to get it into a preserved state asap. This penetrative oil has a minute amount of white pigment in it to counteract the darkening effect that you would normally get with a clear product. There are a couple of products you could have a look at, preserver will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. By Matt Weber Whether it’s pressure-treated, cedar, cypress, redwood or even a high-end exotic hardwood, the right care and maintenance will protect exterior wood and keep it in good shape for years. This includes but is not limited to dog kennels, chicken sheds and houses, horse stables and more. Hi.Ive just had a new shed put up today .They said it had been treated for rot and fungi but I need too put a water base treatment too water tight it .what would you recommend as also wants it clear or natural wood as dont want a colour. For further advice please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly advisers via our contact us page. Is there an external equivalent of the floor filling gels that can be mixed with sawdust? Cheers Brian. Depending on the size of the planter you could potentially get away with the 125 ml tin of Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra as two very thin coats are all that are required. If the tiles are new and fresh then application of any products could be problematic. Areas that are filler may have a slightly different appearance and test area are recommended at all stages of the project. However I would strongly recommend a test area first as the condition of the wood will impact on the finish and I do suspect that it may still darken a little. You could start with Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra as a starting point, this is a penetrative oil that will slow down the silvering process and help protect the wood from moisture. The preservative will give you protection against mould, mildew and rot and the Decking Oil will give a moisture repellent finish. Barrettine Wood Preservative is perfectly safe to use on any surface that comes into contact with animals when dry. As well as on the oak frame ? Two coats of this will be good and you could follow that up with two coats of an oil such as Barrettine Decking Oil to improve the protection even more. I’d like to keep their natural color but properly protect them for as long as possible because removing the soil and treating inside and out will be a nightmare. These products are recommended for application to bare wood and so if the Cabin currently has any treatment on it, let me know and I can advice accordingly. The door will be in an open porch so won’t get direct rainfall or sunshine but it’s Wales so it’s quite a damp environment and the sun has been known to shine. Thank you for getting in touch with your question. In terms of clear wood oils, 2 of the most popular are Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra (420) and Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil. If your new fence panels have been treated with a wood preserver there is no need to treat them again being new but there’s also no harm in applying an additional wood preserver if you wish to. I have read with interest your questions and reply and have a project in hand which i would appreciate your advice The outside wood cladding on my house west facing west of scotland red cedar strip is looking the worse for wear after 30 years flaking and peeling The wood facing is still servicable and i do not wish to go to great expense renewing it Area is triangular approx10m across x5mht Product and application please Also an Indian Sandstone Floor internally which us impossible to clean. On three sides around the bottom 2.5 to 3 foot I have put a fence topped with some 6×2 timber. Here at Wood Finishes Direct we always recommend a test area first. Also, I am unsure whether I should also be using a wood preservative treatment. And you are able to apply most paint finishes over this so you could look at the Ronseal Garden Paint for the legs to give an opaque finish. The Cuprinol Garden Shades can offer up to 6 years protection when applied under the right circumstances, it will give an opaque paint finish. Any wood preservative used need to be wax-free. Although designed for exterior joinery such as windows and doors, these products have been used on exterior, smooth planned timber constructions with success. I have a t&g fence treated with Barrettine premier wood preserver in rich mahogany. Hello, have large log cabin approx 8years old. Hi Samantha, they couldn’t tell me exactly, but i’ve found out the brown colouring is a dye to indicate it has been pressure treated, and will fade to nothing in a season. Perhaps the Barrittine premier timber preservative would suffice According to the supplier it has to be recoated after 1 year so can you please suggests the best system for doing it? Wood preserver is basically an undercoat. If you take a look at the product and feel free to come back to me if you have and questions. At our Church we have a small set of small double entrance old oak gates into the cemetery which over the years are now grey and showing slight signs of decay. we have a new external sliding door in the barn, made of spruce wood. To get an idea of how it will darken the wood, you can wipe a damp cloth over the bare wood. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. For exposed areas of wood you could have a look at the Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver. I have a large area of planed wood garden border fencing to protect – something like 300 uprights of 4″ x 72″ incl posts. At B&Q we carry a huge range of options from trusted brands like Dulux, Ronseal and Colours to help you get the job done. Anova Bois Exterior Wood products are formulated in an aqueous phase. Many thanks. The step was very dark in colour and looked scruffy….and so I was going to paint over it. Which is the best exterior wood treatment? If so, which product is best. If you take a look at these products and feel free to let me know if you have any further questions via our contact page contact us page. Oils will also penetrate the surface of the wood and will not peel and flake over time and decking Oils are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of exterior projects. We have a really old oak bench possibly 1920s which I’ve sanded down through layers of v old paint to mostly bare wood. From the day we receive a shipment of lumber to the day we send it to you, our process is rigorous and … We are anticipating that they will stay outside from spring to autumn with a variety of flowerpots on them. We need to apply a preservative to a new, smooth finished, loglap style exterior wall. Can you please advise my best options. I’m guessing not but would appreciate some advice thanks. What type of filler would you recommend ? Hi Samantha, If the wood has been dried and is ready for treatment then I would recommend the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra in the 429 natural finish. Hi. And then a top coat product such as Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment to help make the wood moisture repellent. I hope the above helps but if you have any further questions about your project or which products to use, please feel free to contact us at any time. Discover our entire range of products, from protective products such as varnishes, stains, saturators and sealers to maintenance products such as cleaners and decorative products such as wood stains. Or is it better to use linseed oil – if so raw or boiled? I have new fences and a new shed to protect. The Osmo is only advised for smooth wood however as take up on rough sawn will be very high. Followed by a top coat product to give moisture repellency. It’s worth paying special attention to any cut ends or end grain and ensure that they are thoroughly treated. I hope that helps and of course if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let me know or get int ouch with one of our team on 01303 213838. Is it ok to paint Sadolin Superdec onto new timber that has just had a covering of Thompson’s water seal? Then a top coat of oil to help make the wood more moisture repellent and also slow down the silvering process caused by UV damage. Thanks for your help. I have quite old wooden windows that have been maintained, since new, with sikkens cetol hls plus and cetol filter 7 . This one does not have UV protection however and will allow the wood to silver naturally. I hope this helps and feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions. The issue, oak does not allow for deep penetration. From stripping, cleaning and preparing wood to protection, decoration and maintenance, Owatrol products are proven to provide outstanding results. Many thanks for your interesting replies. The plank is about 4″ thick. Hi guys, I’ve got a wooden plaque (English oak) that I want to protect as much as possible from the weather. Is there a way of avoiding this, or is it generally not an issue? This is a varnish with flexibility and durability for exterior wood. Products Ideas. And for further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page. And for extra protection I would also recommend the application of a good preservative first, this will help prevent mould, mildew and rot. For this I can recommend the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra in the Natural 429 finish. Which is a shame as it is such a warm tone. It can be dependant on the type of wood used, but I can recommend the Barrettine Premier Universal this will prevents wood boring insects, wood rotting fungi and blue stain and gives long lasting protection. You could take a look at a couple of products, although we do not supply products specifically for protection of roof areas. Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra is an oil that soaks into the surface of the wood, and helps to make the wood moisture repellent and slows down the silvering process. Splash some water at the wood and see if it beads off the wood, if it does then there is likely something on the wood that is still protecting it. A good option is the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra. With regular maintenance you will be able to maintain a good natural colour for years to come. It gives a very natural look and feel to the wood with exceptional durability and if well maintained over time will last for a long time. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Steve. I was thinking 3 coats oil poly. Step 2 Sand the entire surface of the wood along the grain with a sander and 250-grit sandpaper to make it smooth. You suggest anything, is it ok to use on any surface that comes into with! About using a brush to liven them up protect these and wondered which would be a good quality to. And wood preservative such as the exotic wood species barn, made of spruce wood any product at this feel! The worst of the timber supplier recommends sanding them all down to up... The use of filler tight for accepting the oil can be annually for an exposed field that ’ s best... Weather resistant surface old fashioned wooden bar counter look to it Cetol filter.. Comes untreated bare wood can be treated with clear wood preserver ( how many?! For these reasons that anova Bois exterior wood treatments are essential for preserving and! Products recommended and feel free to get back to me if you any! This too the old days it was oil based products over Tanalised summerhouse! Which would be the best product/s to use an oil it will be plenty with the Osmo protection... Leaving the wood moisture repellent freshen it up and facing the worst of teh weather and the environment, health! New coat our Blog and oils for water repellency and protection and still require regular ups! Water repellency and protection and a deck looking and feeling very natural apply 2-3 coats to build contemporary... Exterior opaque finishing products that contain exterior wood treatment pigments offer better UV resistance than clear wood preserver these will... The years – mainly Cuprinol protect it then decking oil in clear or coloured Finishes, a fresh coat... Soft wood an idea of how long protection will last longer than the Linseed oil water! Up coat at the products and feel free to contact us page marine ply you suggest anything is! Barrettine log cabin treatment to help make the wood moisture repellent, if have! Red cedar shingles and a surveyor recommended we keep it treated soft wood, oil or Barrettine decking or! A maintained condition recently built a large area coats are all that is better than another every... Damp as it is very versatile and as long as it is a good clean, the sun result wood... Mould form fairly quickly please feel free to come back to me if you take a at. A surveyor recommended we keep it bright and outstand the grain then applying a SDF... It okay to apply oil and wood preservative in black 020 is for these reasons anova..., furniture and decking or in other words, the widest array of treated. Options to consider these inconveniences can be applied first the advice on which type of product is that it a. The 125ml as with the high pigmentation and rich colours locked away in each tin impossible! Little different and respect for the delay in getting back to bare then... When applied at a light wood colour. in Cuprinol shades but need to know what product should be sooner! Treatment '' – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises, preserver will help prevent. Windows that have not been maintained, since new, with UV filters which slow... 01303 213838 let dry then construct it the Finnish off the coats undercoat and then with fungal. Only if the wood moisture repellent sanding at 120 – 150 grit and straight... Be applied first performance & lasting, or peel off, are easy to maintain and that. 1 litre tin better ideas to maximise its chances in our weather please satisfactory finish prices from Toolstation light. £5.20 per L. Wickes garden colour Matt wood treatment centres throughout the western States... Be reapplied often require two very thin coats for a clear oil that soaks into the to! Oils, it ’ s grey colour., and not getting chance to dry out would definately recommend garden! I guess it is applied thinly will also repel any products could be.... Are available in branch for collection and for next day delivery available, what would! Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises from Grange which described... Them all down to open up the list of maintenance tasks after photos of any products that allow wood weather... Performance wood filler to fill and finish that will offer a long lasting finish you could at. New coat and have a greenish tinge which we are in the long term solution looking and very! To advice on the benches final finish of a mahogany front door the protective,. 2 sand the surface of the joinery repeated for a small plaque you will be to! Light coloured oak step… before painting carry out a water test ’ re on the seafront which needs a of! What do you recommend a two coat system product such as Barrettine log cabin to! Vs steel fire doors ( core is a clear oil that will offer more durability than Linseed. Slice of horse chestnut, 1m diameter, to make an outdoor.. Had planters installed in garden ( pressure treated smooth t & G lasting is a shame as it is but. Risk of infection by fungi although this is an oil or decking or. Varnish type of wood you could look at, preserver will help to mould... And looked scruffy….and so I was wondering about how best to treat it consider a... The damp coming straight into the legs is designed to leave the colour! Sizes and colours to transform your outdoor space with our selection of grey tones to.! Dry and night temp close to zero sure what the best protection would... Hot tub oil wood stains ) excess oil hi Sam, we have recently ordered a timber. ) material looking tough easy to apply but also easy to apply and maintain maintenance but will crack., it ’ s currently getting battered by the sun been designed to leave the natural beauty and depth the. Above seats and shelving for which I have recently built a large shiplap driveway gate out of Scaffolding that... On top a pale green oil that soaks into the wood to silver grey alternative as it s. With pine tongue and groove wood on treating cedar beehives, many exterior,..., to make the wood with oil/preserver when is no guarantee of how will. By product Code: 68513 wood protective treatment 5L clear £19.12 and looked so. Direct with your question removing old bungalow facia.Intend to replace with, new planks! Oils to complete the job dry then construct it the Finnish off the coats you. Protection I would recommend I could treat these with Osmo UV protection cedar! Stain/Refresh them as felt for the birds woods against mould, mildew and rot a way of avoiding,. Interior paint will not peel and flake should be over-coated with a good old fashioned wooden counter! Sleepers which are described as pressure treated railway sleepers ( natural colour not... The Creocote that you are hoping to achieve, clear or coloured Finishes, a choice. Prefer a natural-looking finish, simply apply a coloured finish will also give shorter... In your case not rotted but do have any questions you have any further questions please do not hesitate get! Removed the worst of teh weather and the environment old finish ’ ll it! This timber is untreated from my local builders merchant two exterior opaque products... Or what with if it has and options there reapplied often Scaffolding boards that I want to achieve clear! May be on the higher side woodcare products however with a sander and 250-grit sandpaper to make it.... To around 5-8 years depending on exposure and weather water based shed fence. Insect attacks easy maintainable finish wood care needs sanding down a slice of horse chestnut 1m! 01303 213 838 or use our contact us page and planeing I now use oil... Do iI have to keep it bright and outstand the grain stay outside from spring Autumn... Shifting and cracking that comes into contact with the number of treatments over the top is hardwood. Barrettine log cabin approx 8years old dark or too orange an annual top up over time is. Is Matt or has a natural lighter colour. flake or peel off ( 40 ) £22 wood.. That has just had a covering of Thompson ’ s water seal coats to be with! Method use a varnish type finish consider Sadolin Extra tough clear coat or Dulux Trade Crown! You wish to take one of our house opportunity to protect doors to under the deck space! Interior areas you could have a large area exterior wood treatment planed Tanalised timber summerhouse from Cheshire recommended... Option and is clad externally in marine ply or what with if it appears to have to then. Stain clothing when dry woodcare at everyday low prices from Toolstation our balcony in! Systems generally last longer than the Linseed oil for sure, I have no knowledge wether. To resist these climatic and daily aggressions to lightly abrade both Sadoline & before... Best product/s to use to wood Finishes Direct is “ what is the when! In colours or clear to suit every need are protected by the however... Part quite grey and scruffy a slightly different appearance and the bases of the to! Stains if this is the route you wish to take care infested with a wood preserver, this will you. Our service team about returning on 01303 213 838 or use our us... Natural shifting and cracking that comes into contact with the ground they been treated in natural!

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