We offer the best customer service with beekeepers on staff. If you live in and around the Odenton area of Maryland, pay HoneySmith Bees a visit. The subspecies may have survived the last Ice Age in Italy. Package, BEESIT-101. He knew to walk away quickly when those guard bees started to bump him. Carniolan Queens. VSH-Italian. Local Queen Bee 2020 // $36. Italian Nuc. Honey; Candles; Beeswax; Soap; Hampers; Manuka Honey; 5 Frame Nucleus Hives; Bees for Sale; Propolis; Bee Keeping Tools; Bee Food; Books; Cosmetics; Bee Hives-Woodware; … You will need your own deep hive body, bottom board, lid, at least 5 empty frames and a feeder to start your nuc. Italian honey bees for sale can be purchased by a local bee keeper in your area. Buy Honey Bees online Hand Delivered from the farm to your door . Button. SKU: 124467399. They are ideal for the hobby beekeeper or the commercial beekeeper needing to re-queen. So if you have a cool and overcast Spring season your honey production will be lower. The Italian bee is the most popular bee for beekeepers in North America. 0. Pre-order your 3lb Package of Italian Honey Bees for the 2020 season! Tennessee's Honey Bees 3 lb Package of Honey Bees - 2020 [TNHB-3lb-Pack-2020] - We have sold out of the 3lb Packages we had reserved for 2020. We are now Selling Bees! Italian Queens. The Italian is a gentle bee which broods up early and is a great honey producer. Commercial enquiries welcome, email … Our Nucleus Hives are brand new boxes and frames eliminating the risk of disease transfer. Italian honey bee carrying pollen from flowers. BEES FOR SALE Local Nucs & Packages. Home; ONLINE STORE. Quality Italian Queens, freshly mated and bred in our own Apiary. Product Rating is 4. Our Italian Queen Bees are mated with known gentle genetics and are ready to lay eggs. Carniolan bees tend to gather nectar at a better rate due to gathering nectar on cooler and overcast days. The bees are the same type of bees we use ourselves in some of our host a hive customer locations due to the gentle temperament of the bees, high winter survival rate, great honey production and consistent excellent health of these bees on arrival over the years. Save Up To See price at checkout Click here for more details. We provide quality live bees that can help you jumpstart your hive or colony. Italians tend to not gather nectar during cooler and overcast days. These are bees that are Minnesota Hygienic Italian honeybees that have been cross bred with Carniolan bees. Italian Honey Bees Information. How many bees can each queen produce? Italian honey bees are a distinct type of honey bee that many bee keepers use in their colonies. If you are thinking of starting beekeeping, we suggest you begin looking for nucs starting in January, as it is getting late in the season to get one established so that it will be ready for Winter. The amount of choice that you have can be a bit overwhelming at times. Honey Bees For Sale; Local Raw Honey; Contact Us; Ohio OverWintered - 5 Frame Nucs - Starter Hives. Frequently Asked Questions About Our Queens. The Italian Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera Ligustica) is one of the more popular bee strains; however, due to the inconsistency in quality of its specimens, the Italian bee has been both greatly appreciated and criticized. Our Nucleus Hives consist of full depth Langstroth frames of brood, pollen and honey with a new young mated and marked Queen. We offer VSH-Italian or Saskatraz Queens with our Nucs. Write your caption here. Italian honey bees are on par with, or maybe hedge a little above the Carniolan bees. Button. Nucs will have 5 frames of bees with brood, pollen, honey, and a laying Queen. The Italian honey bees are a little more aggressive in my experience, but not overly aggressive. Write your caption here. Cordovan colored queens, Glenn apiaries strain, very calm personality, heavy laying. Menu . About Us . 5 Frame Nucs Packed With 20k to 40k Bees. We will run out! Since Italian queens produce a large hive population, it’s important to keep the colony fed throughout colder months when bees are unable to forage and are also otherwise consuming high amounts of syrup or honey. They have an excellent Varroa mite resistance, although we still recommend treating your honey bees every spring and every fall for mites. Local honey for sale, as well. We have two different varieties of locally produced queens: Old Sol: (from Oregon) This 3rd year queen was bred by continuously adding VSH and high end breeder queens and selecting the best daughters. One of the best ways to be successful at beekeeping is to re-queen your colonies every year. Slide title. Button. These bees need no chemicals; if I can’t eat it, why should they. Contact David Young at 276-970-3857 or at contractsplicer@yahoo.com. Italian Bees. All queens are marked. If you need a transport box, we will supply one for $12.00. If you don't like it, we will get you another one. 45 Pinto Lane. We are proud to offer mite resistant, winter hardy, gentle honey bees. We sell VSH-Italian Queen Bees from our favorite breeders in Northern California where there are no Africanized Honey Bees. The bee package includes a screen box, sugar water container, approx. Cons Prone to swarm More likely to need supplemental feeding — especially in the early spring Has a hard time in hot summers. Able to conserve honey stores Can overwinter with fewer bees Less susceptible to brood disease Forages in cooler, overcast weather. Italian Hybrid Honey Bees Nucs Information. Hybrid Italian Queens. Italian Queen Bees For Sale. When you first start thinking about becoming a beekeeper one of the first things that you must consider is what type of bees that you want. They can sustain in the colder climates but will need food or honey for the brood. You can check back from time to time and if we find more available we will let our customers know. Mated honeybee queen in a wooden cage with attendant bees and a candy cork. Our quality package bees are available for local pickup or delivery and feature various bee types. Slide title. Indiana Honey Bees for sale, Queens, Nuc's, 3# packages, and full hives. With favorable conditions, this can be accomplished in a very short time, and you could enjoy your first honey harvest sooner than you think. Bee Well Honey offers the highest quality packaged bees with your choice of marked or unmarked Italian Bees, Italian Nucs - Italian Queens. Slide title. Write your caption here. We fully understand the importance of safely shipping bees. Italian honey bees have been a favorite among beekeepers since they were first introduced to the New World in the 1850’s. The guard bees of the hive did go after my father a few times as he walked by the hives. We grow and breed quality honey bees to benefit any size apiary. Button. We proudly offer Italian honey bees. 2021 Mated Italian Queen Bees For Sale They come in their own transportable cage with escorts AVAILABLE MID JANUARY . Our bees are ready for pickup or delivery in the spring, but we recommend ordering yours as early as possible.

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