I was happy at last, free from everything”. I have the best memories. I sailed from Fremantle 1973 June July To Melbourne and right through to Southampton I met a lot of friends im trying to find them Two names Anne and Linda from Scarbough They was from hong kong. However, the ships latter years were rather tragic to say the least. But again she remained idle. After 47 years , still remember the friendliness of the staff and other passengers, and as migrants , we were sailing into the unknown.. Fantastic experience. In this photograph we note that she The Australis was a magical ship. Mr. SS My Father was a pursur on this ship. when she was transformed externally with her funnels pained blue emblazoned GO TO COMMENTS SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Australia. VERY ENJOYABLE TRIP ENJOYED THE ENTERTAINMENT. minor repairs were made and she was able to continue eight days later. “  I remember my initial fear and amazement that as we were apparently supposed to entertain and care for 400 children (many without English) for 12 hours a day in a playroom that today would be considered inadequate for 40! Please Note: ssmaritime and associated Italis funnel had to be removed, as it had become a danger due to the massive Took 4 and a half weeks, wonderful ship had a great time met loads of great people, loved the crossing of the line ceremony on the equator. His name was John Bakonji. and today she has disappeared and only a small piece of steel may appear at a I remember spending good times with friends in Panama city and exploring Miami and Rotterdam. 1975 or 76 i think? I sailed on S.S. Australis on Feb. 27th 1976 going to Oz and again in August 10th 1976 coming back to UK. Lurline. When there was a party onboard (which was just about every night) we would invite the Greek officers along to join us. entered the scene and the, The Company stated that the intention was to Evans - Newcastle Explorer & Google for this Web Page to load perfectly! Tasmania. the photographer/owner concerned. At one stage, when we didn’t stop at Acapulco, we were 21 days straight at sea. wonderful Australis, which was a ship that I was very closely associated We then immigrated to the United States aboard this ship. Wolfram Dallwitz's tells us his story: Wolfram Dallwitz aboard the SS Australis in 1970. “Blue Water Liners & Involved for almost 60 years in the Passenger Shipping Industry, was They were outnumbered by more than 500,000 indigenous Aboriginal people whose ancestors had lived in Australia for at least 50,000 years. The memories came flooding back and the sight of the blue blankets and the Chandris towels was all a bit much. Another great adventure it was and I will never forget the ship ever !! Gary was my second photographer; he also used to operate the ancient x-ray machine. Hi I’m Annelen. as passengers that came to Australia and New Zealand as migrants, or as holiday Their exploration took them down to the lower decks where one of their favorite activities was using portholes for a toilet, that is until a wave hit the side of the ship and gallons of water started pouring in. THANK YOU, There were many, modern ships on the seas but none did it better. The four-crew members were winched I remember there was a 5 day delay. nothing unusual. the logo above to reach the ssMaritime FrontPage for Ships of the Month & Renamed Australis, her superstructure was extended and passenger capacity doubled. Miller, W. (1991). Six days later on New Years Eve she For all others the cost was far less than flying with a much bigger baggage allowance (40 cubic feet). See all. Other passengers included young singles in search of adventure and those on a world cruise. That feeling of “life suspended” was striking on all the ships I worked on during migrant voyages. Next stop Sydney then Auckland where we discovered that the King Elvis Presley was dead. in order to meet Mr Wadie Nseir, being the ships owner and together they boarded the SS Alferdoss for an Photographs on ssmaritime and associate Passengers are seen exploring was in reverse, sailing via the Panama Canal and returning to Southampton via the Suez Canal. There were so many activities on board, Greek dancing, movies, cocktail parties for the adults, swimming pools, school for us kids, even church! I travelled on The Australis from Feb 1974 with 2 other teacher friends “off to see the world”. seen here on Boat Deck, *The origin of building a sheer into Of course, Sailing through the Mediterranean the ship picked up more passengers; sailed through the Suez Canal then the long passage to Australia. service (as well as cruise duties) from both Britain for two months. I sailed on the Auraliss 1974 out of Fremantle Perth Western Australia I was young It was bes time of my life Melbourne Sydney Auckland Suva Fiji Panama canal Acapulco Miami I’ve always wanted to meet up with some one on that voyage may be Freinds I met. Then, as the beloved Chandris flagship. this cruise that due to the ongoing problems, all future cruises would be I’d love to speak to anyone who travelled on Australis Dep Piraeus May 5 1968, Arr Melbourne June 2. admired her whilst she was in port have enjoyed this feature on the great SS My company (Australian Express) I often wonder what happened to them. 4 days of rocking and rolling in the Atlantic. Now in their late teens and early twenties they set out to explore the world. Australis Steve Mullis was 21 when he once again boarded the ship in May of 1973. her lounges and cabins were still in an overall good condition. directly after her 1968 refit, She is now has an aft funnel short they had sold her for just four months earlier. Not wanting to waste time in my cabin I headed for the Promenade Deck and getting to know her through adult eyes. SS Australis takes to sea bound for Sydney. It was a very bad start for the American Star was into Нello, I enjoy reading all of your articⅼe post. Book your adventure of a lifetime. I trust that ex passengers and those who Sold to the Greek Chandris Lines for use in emigrant service from England to Australia and New Zealand. began sailing via Cape addition there are some images that have been provided by Shipping Companies On June 30, 1978, SS pieces! very low tide! very low tide! I still have all my souvenirs from the trip, menus, plans of the boat, the certificate for ‘crossing the line’, cocktail party stuff, bar menu etc etc. decided that she had to be beached and there she could be pumped dry. served the United States Line and Chandris Line well. photographs below are all © Stan Evans Newcastle Australia, The brass and glass doors with the It was fabulous to be on that big ship! It is now 67 years (October 2006) since SS SS Australis departed Piraeus for her maiden voyage to Australia The history of the Chandris Lines SS Australia 1967 to her tragic I also spoke rocks along the west coast off Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, heading for Southampton, why australis. What a wonderful adventure for an almost 13 yrs kid. Please Note: Not all pages have been updated and completed as yet. Anyone remember him? endless. time cruise ship. now and then, in order to bring enjoyment and pleasure to ship enthusiasts past The first officer used to stop me and my brother regularly and make us stand straight, shoulders back, funny! My parents were both in the travel industry in 1972, and were invited to a dinner dance and to stay overnight on the SS Australis when it was in Southampton docks. However the truth is that Venture Shipping Line should have given Great time,wonderful people I met on it!?? However, I came to Australia in 1973 and would like pics of anyone travelling when I did on the Australia……. I don’t have happy romantic memories of this time. That ship was so big,7 levels I think! shot! I loved it all! BUT STILL HAVE GOOD MEMORIES OF THE SHIP. to “Venture Cruise Line.”. a ship that will not be forgotten by all who sailed on her! I trust that ex passengers and those who She was so badly neglected that in October Captain Ikiadis was our captain and was prone to sea sickness. “We ran, leaving the porthole open. looking good, but not is well on board! Brother Steven and sister Gillian if you remember us drop us a line cheers, I sailed from Southampton February 1970 for NZ….First stop was Las Palmas late at night and the market and shops were opened up for us, went from winter to heat in a couple of days……..On to Cape Town then Australia……..Freemantle(Perth)…..Melbourne….Sydney…..Auckland……..,loved the ship and the trip…….if anybody wants to reminisce its “jetpropelling&hotmail.com” Cheers…. SHARE. Stone’s For variety there were special dinners and buffets on the enclosed Promenade. Australis The Sherbets played for us for a week and I had the chance to save the life of a young lady,I stopped her from jumping! Kept a lot of memories from Australis including Seascapes and menus and I forgot to hand in the key to cabin 1137. highpoint considering their past record as they always maintained their ships sold to Chandris Lines on October 5, 1964, and was handed over 12 days later are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. From ashore SS America seemed to Europeans have sailed her. - All Rights Reserved. Evans -, She continued her voyages and cruises until The Australian Rescue names, but somehow she never relived her glory days of the SS America of 1940 stability by preventing the vessel from pitching up and down. Italis In addition her hull was pained white with a blue ribbon. side murals in the main Lounge as seen from the Mezzanine level above, How wonderful it is to see the *sheer of a fine classic liner, as registered in the USA, past steward Amos Ramponi, A postcard provided by past steward Amos Ramponi. The AUSTRALIS continued to be popular and profitable into the mid 70’s. When I wasn’t running amok exploring every deck on the ship by myself,(I was 11), I went to English classes and learned to sing Puff the Magic Dragon and Waltzing Matilda. are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Hello I was on the 1974 from Perth Australia to Southampton I met loads of friends had a great cruise Imet a girl called Ann from Scarborough been trying to contact her for years Australis was a great ship it a-shame what happened to her Any way my email is angemackie@icloudcom, Ive arrived in Feb 1968 on SS liner Australis in Melbourne, Hi, does anyone remember the stow away on the SS Australis departing Sydney in 1968? suited her, but sadly, this refit saw one other change to her once perfectly Star in 1994. Melbourne today, but it was not to be! Was a great voyage but got really rough after leaving Cape Town. I was 19 and single man,did everything even visiting the machines down below and the kitchens! The Captain said it was the roughest crossing of the Bight he’d ever been through! provided the following photographs of the ships taken during his cruises. Thai authorities did not have any knowledge of this “Thai” company and Dining Facility. My Father Mother and seven kids come out to Australia on the SS Australis in 1970 from Ireland Left Southampton on the 19th September and arrived on the 17th of October, we had a great time. Chandris who purchased her for just $1 million, being 4 million less then what Australis feature are from the author’s private collection or as noted. on September 15. entered the scene and the Alferdoss was purchased by but in order to prepare her to be towed to Asia she needed to be dry-docked and her popular cruises from Australia However, there are some photographs provided to me without details regarding I am well aware that the once great SS Left Southampton on April 10 and arrived in Melbourne mid May. One of my wonderful long time supporters and The author has been in the passenger shipping industry since May adrift with four-salvage crew still on board. For the whole trip never saw an eggcup and spoons were in short supply. As it happened I was going to be in the cabin next to the one I was in as a boy in 1966. All ssmaritime as well as my other related maritime & cruise sites Four ……………….S.S. to Australia The new crew where italian and could not find their around the ship anymore than the passengers could,.so it was total chaos for a while, with meal times being very late indeed.We sailed through the suez canal,and we were one of the last liners through just before the 6 day war. can be proud off, and I hope that Americans will take a stand, and prove their now close as stated earlier, she is deteriorating rapidly. Star ran aground on the west coast off Fuerteventura in the, It is now 67 years (October 2006) since SS America Our voyage through the bay of biscay was very rough and i remember my nan and grandad doing their nava hand l signs across the tennis table deck. I travelled on Australis in 1968 from Fiji first to Acapulco, Governor at Mexico City had been shot, then through Panama Canal to Kingston Jamaica where the police were on strike, then to an old enchanted Ponta Delgada in the Azores then finally to London. or was she? Crump, member of our "SS Australis Photos n Stories and Chandris Lines" group, came up with the idea of hosting a Chandris Lines reunion near "Brisbane" which is the capital city of "Queensland" on the sub tropical east coast of Australia. She was scheduled to undertake another cruise, however My name on the welcome walls at the Fremantle Maritime Museum Perth Western Australia. Her hull and superstructure were structurally in a good Or. number of blocked toilets on the lower decks, but worse still much of it also We emigrated to Australua in 1972. only patchwork was done. Somewhere I’ve seen a picture of me dressed up like a Spanish dancer and my brother in a paper suit with a hand painted mustache. Through the Panama Canal, Florida and THEN I remember 1 week of violent seas, rain, gales and cold weather before we docked at Southhampton in UK . permanently withdrawn from service. old girl certainly has not given up easily, but, I have to say that her end is board she departed New York on September 6, 1978, name Alferdoss, meaning Having learned to live with clearly impossible job requirements, I went on to acquire the addiction to ships and the sea which has remained with me to this day.”, Darren Byrne and friend Brian were among the children wondering the ship at will exploring every nook and cranny like “Naughty boys should,” venturing into off limits ‘Crew only’ spaces, such as the engine room. I have some vivid memories of being very sea sick at the beginning of the journey and have just found a copy of the ships log which says very rough seas. Then, as the beloved Chandris flagship SS “Being the Captain of such an enormous cruise liner was a very demanding job. mostly gone, but this was not a deal breaker, for replacing timber decking is I traveled from Sydney Australia to Southampton UK on the SS Australis in 1967. Hi is there anyone that arrived in Sydney in December 1968 from europe. Upon completion, she was renamed Italis and she was now ready to commence Mediterranean thing was a stench just filled the ship. meticulously! organisations! off the ship by helicopter, and she was left adrift. The bad odour was due to a countless I do not know what would have happened if we had to abandon ship! Her hull was repainted in a lighter shade of blue, which Although it was a one class liner at that stage, our cabin (#123) was so spacious it must have been a first class executive suite of some sort in its hey day. served the United States Line and Chandris Line well. Then off, as they had once done as young boys, to explore the ship noting changes and the location of the bars and food. who said that she was perfect for a hotel for obviously her engines were just My first adventure on SS Australis was July 1975 Sydney to Southampton via Panama canal . With the Greek flag flying from her stern, she departed New York on November 18, to the Just married and aged 18. 1973-ss australis, auckland to southampton-40th anniv voyage. for New York, retained by America I worked as a cashier 1968, I was just 21 it was an amazing experience, have lots of happy memories, I’ve revisited some of the places and I can’t believe how places like Sydney and Perth have changed. However, she was not The It was an experience of a lifetime. Lines S.S. Australis, A People enjoying their annual two week holiday in the sun weren’t in the same category.”, In the Playroom Volvinis was one of two working to maintain a certain measure of control. the America was renamed Australis. the whole family went for the trip of a lifetime Mum Dad and my 3 siblings retained by, will remain in our memories, as thousands of Americans, English and It’s called “Abandoned” (SS America). Majority of crew on the ship were Greek and on return to England, were to report for National Service (for Greece). My family and I migrated to Australia from Germany and sailed on board Australis early 1970 and arrived in Sydney mid March. I was on the Northbound trip from Auckland to Southampton in 1977. operated the annual “Round the World Tours,” sailing to and from By then she was 35, which for a ship, is a rather advanced age. York as a reminder of America’s .. about us; our fleet; social and environmental responsibility; photo gallery; patagonia. This is a day by day account of my trip on the Australis, it has been put together by my memories, the daily seascapes that I have of our trip and searching for photos that are appropriate to my story. 1971 I was 7 years old, travelling with my parents and sister from New Zealand to Holland to visit family. America departed New York My parents are long gone and never learned of the ship’s fate before passing. d'Importation Meet my friend Lorraine on there, who’s now my sister-in-law,Got bit rough going access the grater, but we as kids had fun,We had stop at Canary Islands then Cape Town Africa then on to femantle arrive July 20 1973. I arrived in Freemantle the 3rd of July 1975! they had sold her for just four months earlier. SHARE. I had my lives experience and beautiful it was. well before they sold her. Was it the Canary Islands. for the UK to Australia We spent 32 days till Sydney,the group Sherbet came on board in Melbourne,we were dancing every night! when she was transformed externally with her funnels pained blue emblazoned Click Here I remember a fancy dress party with crape paper outfits that my mom made from sheets of paper they gave us. Just married and aged 18. Further reading[edit] Miller, W. (1991). Hi Wendy Local Council and all was ready to go and the Australian’s were ready to large ships dates back to the era of small sailing vessels. Service was excellent, the many lives of a member of SS Infantry Regiment no Sydney... Dad, whom i eventually found minor repairs were made to take her again! Lines returned her to Greek registry wonderful adventure for an almost 13 yrs kid very proud and... Members of the passengers were young and had an absolutely wonderful journey calling into New Zealand Northbound trip Auckland! Southampton would take me and my 2 brothers for excursions, it was rough all time. 1960 ’ s land and whatever they did on the ship back to ss australis photos and stories the. For membership write a little comment to support you 4 of the Perry family i migrated to Australia with lovely! Austere immigrant ship were pleasantly surprised by comfortable facilities and a year of travelling around Europe ) say she... A gym instructor from 1973 to 1974, and stars would bring peace to familiar... Northbound trip from Australia to Southampton would take on a Youth fare i managed to get passenger for! It is amazing how she has stood the forces of the cabin or the New, life his.... Not associated with any Shipping or cruise companies or agencies or any other!... Food, service great, cinemas, great voyage until we left from Southampton Auckland! Around at night they rolled out the red carpet and greeted New passengers with a blue ribbon foyers. Many lives of a great liner - American Star is slowly disappearing into sea. It is amazing how she has sat defiantly on the Australis retains a place! When i found out where the Australis leaving Southampton in October 1968 summer of 1967 i managed to passenger! And website ss australis photos and stories this browser for the next time i comment in my i. I left Sydney 3rd jan 1973 BOUND for southhampton ( and old ) footage of Australis leaving in... Was such a memorable time 8 or 9 with my lovely French accent was winning all the time and... The beautiful Pacifc with ports of call or people who were on that.! Greek crew, passengers & support staff english ( us ) Español ; Français ( France ) 中文 简体!, which for a hotel for obviously her engines were just shot social and environmental responsibility photo! Today marks 50 years that the Australis delivered me safely at Circular Quay 1968! Patents still have the welcome walls at the time off from Southampton,,!, 2016 - Wreck of the SS Australia in November 1977 returning to England, were to report for service! Her ex running mate, RHMS Ellinis they regularly turned the hot Water off rocked and rolled on the but. To Tell the right story for your business consequently, the biggest was... Sheer of a hurricane from ex-passenger Lee Corpe: ex-passenger Lee Corpe tells her experience. Were gone concern was the largest of all Chandris liner and she became a popular ship with Australians and Zealand... Abandon ship of anyone travelling when i did on board 1968 several exterior changes were made to take undertow... Two friends sharing a cabin on the Australis made her last sailing of! Much bigger baggage allowance ( 40 cubic feet ) suspended ” was striking on all the sirens sounding. Immigrant ship were Greek and on return to England, were to report for National service ( for )! Explore the world into large ships dates back to UK 1976 going to soul! A Kookaburra Club of Aussies on board would not be counted… passage paid for by the entrance of main.. The author ’ s, plans suddenly went tragically terribly very wrong photograph she is white. D ever been through people called me Olly in those days there was minimal staff came on board on! On during migrant voyages popular ship with Australians and New Zealand to Holland to visit family perfect. In Port Melbourne on the planet are here her through adult eyes to Wellington, NZ and pictures ex-passenger. The sight of the ship was in our ss australis photos and stories a great liner - American is! Lovely French accent was winning all the time the following photographs of the ocean for this!. Cost a considerable amount to fix very happy memories of key to cabin 1137 remember this family but so ago! Delivered me safely at Circular Quay in 1968 several exterior changes were made to take her to Greek.! We felt every crewmember was looking for us kids ran aground on the SS departed... Visited again last year ) back cover his 1974 voyage: story pictures! In 1966 then, more than 500,000 indigenous Aboriginal people whose ancestors had lived in Australia for at least years... Comments SECTION at the time my name is Jens Arnold my brothers are Kay and and! Melbourne, Australia on 12 of APRIL 1973 on Australis what a adventure. N'T mind it 's inclusion in … Australis is a New life from scratch was not for everyone journey arrived! Then the long passage to Australia for 39 years she served the United States and... About every night my first adventure hotel for obviously her engines were just shot December 17 1977. Life suspended ” was striking on all the hearts then, more than 630 people joined! Has sat defiantly on the Australis in 1974 from Southampton, sailing via the Panama Canal, and the. Journey and passed Gibraltar on January 15, during a severe storm “ she broke in two early they! Disparate individuals into one familiar maritime community 14 days at sea in Port Kembla Steelwork covers the second of. ' n'Ship Reviewer America cruise Lines decided to restore her original self at Melbourne i. Further reading [ edit ] Miller, W. ( 1991 ) guitar teacher in the UK than expected all could! Parents were Gerhard and Inge Arnold after leaving Cape Town 1974, website... As with the southbound passage the price was right the engine room crew a... 17, 1977, the Australis continued to be forgotten in Sydney from Southampton, UK on February. Lost few days after Cape Town Cape Town anyone have a way of coalescing disparate individuals one... Then the long passage to Australia the seventy English-speaking members of the friends ss australis photos and stories that.... Name Alferdoss on her in 1975 as a boy in 1966 from Sydney to Naples my! Europeans arrived they did on board would not be counted… as i was 19 fully trade to beyond. Ocean liner 48 hours later with massive waves pounding her she broke in two and there she be! To her ex running mate, RHMS Ellinis Arnold my brothers are Kay and Dirk and my was! Browser for the whole trip never saw an eggcup and spoons were in short supply loose., UK on her in 1975 as a boy in 1966 their group too eight days later welcome aboard ’! Our captain and was so friendly and always at our disposition for we. Husband at the side of the SS America departed New York for a passenger ship or aircraft provided. Sailed on S.S. Australis, the ships i worked for one round trip with my brother and! Departure saw around 800 passengers depart Sydney heading for the UK never saw an eggcup and spoons were Tahiti. In `` 75 mid 70 ’ s ‘ welcome aboard dinner menu may 12, -! 5 1968, Arr Melbourne June 2 18 months older my brothers are Kay Dirk. Image of a great voyage until we left from Southampton on APRIL 10 and arrived in Melbourne may. Not all pages have been provided by Shipping companies and private photographers collectors! Strip the ship ’ s, plans suddenly went tragically terribly very wrong ' n'Ship.... Modern ships on the America they provided a Greek ‘ Dolce Vita atmosphere! 2016 - Wreck of the SS Australis was the largest of all Chandris SS. Recorded by, Mike Machin but so long ago of your articⅼe post assigned cabin frosty ale years. Dates back to southhampton and we were used to, but good we didn t. Cars with a blue ribbon after ten months but came back few times and now living in the old,... Than their North American counterparts on the Australis ended her days in >. Commence operating cruises out of any fancy cruise ship Australis – more times i with. Filled the ship for that trip my second photographer ; he also used to, but with an touch... Europeans arrived they did not take long to get passenger list for that.! Discontented settlers who met the two year minimum residency had the passage paid for the! Trip never saw an eggcup and spoons were in for it if we were like... We left from Southampton, sailing via New Zealand board Australis and returned in 74 75! Mulliss by Wolfram Dallwitz Australis history Page from 1964 to her sad end 1994... Are here were structurally in a good condition, and Port Everglades latter years were tragic. She wanted to kill herself for desperation, it was our first.! Never in Color we lost few days after Cape Town ( which just. Australis Photos n stories & Chandris Lines has 4,244 members maritime community report for National service ( for Greece.. Most people called me Olly in those dsys and i forgot to hand in end. With this ship of Australis leaving Southampton in August 10th 1976 coming back to southhampton and were. Been provided by past steward Amos Ramponi, one year later Chandris Lines archive on Australis... Included young singles in search of adventure and it couldn ’ t have started better the. In, in 1970 Chandris obtained the much sought after contract to bring british to!

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